Sunday, May 17, 2015

Wanna Flick? Mid-May Edition

Why not enjoying your weekend with some fine porn, SL-style? Well, there you have it.
Starting with...

We'll see more again of director Omer Smithson's work soon taking a glimpse at his new "vs." series, but meanwhile, this should not be overlooked. If brings us two blonde pornstars who have 'the' look.

And who need no introduction. Altho, to enjoy more their bath time, Harley properly introduces her chrome cylinder rod to the Hungarian ovarian (I didn't have any better rhyme, sorry) mrs. Dark-Vuitton.

Soft atmosphere in this steamy bath, and with such bodaceous babes, no doubt lots of our viewers will find this encounter a dream scenario and want to break in and join!

Moving on, since cleanliness is next to godliness...

And featuring Partee's ass!

This is is not a commercial, although it's obvious from the soundtrack and title itself the homage to one of the most iconic adverts of the past century. This one of course! What? Oh it wasn't? Well, I have no clue what was it then.

Anyhow! This is so funny that I almost feel I spoil it by showing too many pics about it, but come on. You KNOW where this is going, in a porn version, riiiight?

As I might have said already, it also features Partee's ass, so it's just criminal to miss it.


 And much more!

Another super-nice and fun collaboration between Dillon and Carly, and Partee again taking care of the set design as well, in an HBIC Production. Congrats to everyone involved.

Lol, you cheeky sod.

Ok, and to close this post with an all-French lineup of directors, my pleasure again to check out something by Erika Thorkveld.

Namely, her butt!

This micro-movie as she called it, is gonna be a joy for, i quote, "butt and boots lovers, especially seen from behind and below." Drop by her blog, as one of the movie raison d'être lies in the hud used to make it, and you can have fun with it, getting it for free. Check the blog post out, really.

So, one uninterrupted voyeuristic trip camming up one of the most graceful, well shapede and naughtily fashioned avis I have the pleasure to know? Oh sign me in.

And now, you how just to check the vids out, hm?

Click below to see the videos
And click your IM tab and write me in world if you have work you want to be featured and I have not covered yet!

2 Blondes in a Bath

The Laundromat

The Laundromat powered by XTube

Visiting Stiletto

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