Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Wanna Flick: Omer stays in shape

More movies today, because there have been so many! Let's start with some gymnastics...

No no, it's not that other one, summer is close, but I am not on reruns just yet. It's just that pornstars love to keep in shape, see?! You know, sweat off that extra pound or two.

This flick as you can see features the ever active mr. Omer, Laspik, a charming fella with a beard that makes you think he keeps fit by pillaging villages rather than working out, and the beautiful Partee in her best Jennifer Walters impression.

As you can see, Partee goes through a strenuous workout regime, especially for her jaw muscles, and an all-protein diet.

Threesome starring Partee, Laspik & Mr Omer 

all time wanted actress and model !!! 


That's what Mr. Omer says in the notice. He wants you, and you can certainly believe he'll find for you the right position!

Seeing Partee, even without full back view, is always a joy, and it was very nice to get to see another male actor in the well built Laspik, sporting one original and cool look that will delight the fans of buff johns, thick beards and tats in unusual places.

Also out there, Omer got physical recently in his Vs. Series!

Beginning with...

Be warned. Omer doesn't fight fair in this series, I have to say. Well, he doesn't fight at all, not sure if it's because his opponents are women, or because they don't want to hit a guy with glasses. Which is a plus if like me you are not into violence. He's gonna pin you to the mat, but with your consent. It's like pro wrestling, basically.

But, in his first episode, I am sure many of you will appreciate the original vixen look by miss Magic, not to mention her skills in administering oral while keeping the merchandise intact.

first episode Mr Omer VS .... 

thx to my first actess Celestria Magic and i hope u like my videos and let me an notecard if u are interresting for fighting sex with me ! ;) 

don't forget to let a comment, ty ! 

And then, finally, to complete the series so far...

Omer Vs Carla

Omer Vs Carla

Carla Draesia is the star of his second and latest so far episode , which gives me again the chance to feature her promo material above and thank her for it.

I look forward to see more movies around (as he said, you can certainly write him, Omer Smithson, to be part of his productions) but also really enjoy the active efforts of actresses like Carla helping promote the videos through their contribution and other media.


And you know how to contribute too! Send material to me, or simply a request, and help me blog YOUR movies. And all sort of other things that belong here on the blog! I'll do my part!

Thanks, and now, enjoy ! 

Dirty Fitness

Mr. Omer vs Celestria Magic

Mr. Omer vs Carla Draesia

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