Friday, June 26, 2015

Heading into The Sexiest® Awards: Nominees recap part 3/3

Tomorrow .... wait, i am going to shill....

(10 AM SLT red carpet, 11 AM the show, afterparty to follow. IM TheEmmanuelleJameson for an invite to the ceremony!) the big day.

For the protagonists of this crazy and oh so bumpy ride that has been, The Sexiest® Awards. Saturday, the biggest award of them all for Photography, one single shot from the thousands and thousands that you can spot in our Flickr Group.

  The Sexiest® Photo

Carlos MacAlpine


Keeley Snowfall

Laura Demonista

Tatiana Easterwood

And of course, SUNDAY it will be the time for 'the big one' in movies.

The Sexiest® Film

Coeur Noir for 'Cirque Nuit'

James & Leannan Wolfgang for 'Scrubbers episode 1 - The Ginger Erectile Syndrome'

London Zane for 'Masked'

Miss Emily for 'Legs Wide Spread'

Thorgal McGillivary for 'So You Wanna Be a Pornstar S02E03

Traditionally, the Sexiest® Film is the last one, like in the Oscars the Best Picture. But I like to save for last the life and blood of our community, an award where all nominees have distinguished themselves for their great work and.....I can't say "will be the stars of tomorrow", because you see already , from this very blog, how amazingly established and what powerful driving force in our community have been. Still, they had their big break in 2014 and therefore are our candidates for.....

The Sexiest® Newcomer

Ali Lancrae

Cream Release

Marika Blaisdale

Ryu Quasimodo

Sandy Miggins

Expect some surprises there ! And remember, again, to be THERE ! Just give a shout to TheEmmanuelleJameson Resident, for your invite to the ceremony. And let's enjoy it.

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