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The Pornstars' Rack: One Year Aroused!

Weren't supposed to call your physician if it lasted more than 4 hours? Sheesh!

Aroused! Magazine

Aroused! Magazine Issue 26

Issue 26 was a very special issue for Aroused, marking exactly one year in the business for what I thought was such a crazy idea when it was pitched to me by this 'newcomer' to porn. And still, here we are now.

You know my usual format for magazine posts by now: just showing a hint of what you find in there, with a preference for the Pornstars featured. But this week, I bring you present, past, a bit of the future, just in the words, pics, and picks , of the artists. Just remember, you can get any of the past issues of the magazine on MP, and of course the latest are also avalaible on line on the website.

 Birds of Paradise

Rachel and Be, by Rachel Swallows

It was such a pleasure for me to do a guest shoot for Aroused Magazine issue 26. I always strive to do something a little different and I was really pleased how my *Avian Lesbian Fantasy Sex* shoot came out..hehe. 
- Rachel Swallows

Happy Anniversary: Aroused Magazine

Zuby Gloom's anniversary shoot, with River Oryl and myself

Working for Aroused is fantastic, I got so excited when I was asked to be part of it. It has been a beautiful and exceptional chance to put on display my work as photographer and model and I am delighted that my work is held in such a regard to appear on the magazine.
- Zuby Gloom

Spirit Eleonara's outstanding monochrome with Adrian Hauptmann

" I find it extremely flattering to be asked to be a part of any magazine, especially ones that clearly have a vision of what they want to be. It always makes me smile when someone likes my work enough to want me to be a part of something that is meaningful to them. 
I love the freedom that Aroused! gives the photographers, I am not afraid to push the envelope and test my limits, outside my comfort zone... I am grateful for that."
- Spirit Demure-Rust

From Issue 18, Graham with Barbie

When Marika asked me to join the Aroused magazine I was really flattered. I hadnt had any regular jobs as a photographer on SL in a long long time, and knowing how well her work is, and how intelligent she is,  I just knew this would be special. Naturally, I was right :p
- Graham Collinson


From Issue 21, Erika Thorkveld and a friend who asks the tough questions

I've actually been asked twice to do photos or other things for a magazine, and each time, this made me feel very special. Doing your things and posting on Flickr or a blog is one thing. Everybody can do that. But being chosen by the creator of a magazine because of the quality of your work is really something else. But after the first pride moment, you think, 'Wait a minute… Will the mag be any good?'. And I have to say I've been very lucky here, because both times, they were really great and very professional, which made me feel even more special!
- Erika Thorkveld

Caravan Palace

From Issue 20, Sandra with Ansariel Hiller ' i used a totally new way of dealing with colors and shadows and managed to have a wonderful effect, with people praising me for it. A real surprise !'

It is the first time i am part of a "crew" for such a Magazine, and i feel blessed and honored. And lucky, for this Magazine is really of the highest quality with awesome photographers. So far my works were only massively displayed on flickr but had little recognition in-world. Thanks Marika for trusting me !
- Sandra Palletier

Marika is so hot! I wanna marry her!!!
- Katina Cazal Ahem, never mind this one.

5 Emotional Blondes

From Issue 16, Catherine Milena by Whims. 'I am very passionate about lighting and in that series, and in that particular photo, I felt I got the lighting just right.'

Aroused! has a really lovely approach for photographers,  with a lot of freedom and acceptance of everyone having different tastes and approaches, so I felt really at home just doing my thing.

The other thing about this is that it has such a positive impact on your photography. I'm essentially a lazy girl and having deadlines and coming up with creative ideas for series of images sort of pushed me and I think improved my work in many ways, both creatively and in quality.
- Whimsical Aristocrat

voyeur - kiki

Melina Jameson chose to pick a photo by and with Kiki Ergenthal's shoot in issue 15, and she tells us why!

Besides my own work, I am picking definitely the photoset Kiki did! I just love how this girl handles her colors and how she makes her pics looking so erotic when the subject is not indulged in porn action! Love her work!

If i remember right, i was one of the first to have my work featured in the mag...I was like "You serious you want this mag to get published and do well? You shouldnt be asking me!" But Maribabe I said yes...and I guess the feedback we got from it was quite good...surprising to me even but good either way. Having her trust me to do something for her mag and giving me her vote of confidence really meant a lot...I am not even sure i have ever told her was a big ego boost to be asked. 
- Melina Jameson


Cindy with Fritz, from the shoot in Issue 23: 'We make our own poses and used them in the shoot we did. I find the pics hot, One of my fave things is to do close ups of the body and this is what we did in a some of the pics.'

I remember when Marika first asked me to be in the magazine...I was so excited and did a shoot for her almost straight away. I love to show my work in this magazine and Marika is such an adorable person to work with! This is the best mag out there guys!
- Cindy Frindy


Margarita Blanco in a backstage from Sas' debut in issue 19

I was just starting as a rookie SL photographer when I saw Aroused, I think I did approach Marika and she was very kind in hearing my questions about being a contributor and she gave the privilege of be guest photographer. I can't be more thankful to her and the Aroused readers who gave me this opportunity. Aroused is a luxury product and it took my work to the level it is today. 
I don't think I would be doing what I do without Aroused magazine. 

- Sasquatch Rhino

To be continued...this was just year 1, after all. Thank you, meanwhile, to everyone who took their time to send the feedback, and those words I sometimes minced into bits. Stay tuned for the next post, tho ! There's more I will... Pool School 5

From the latest issue, Kat Kassner with Holly Arkright and 'The Jizz' 

...Cue you in about. Have a great rest of the week!

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