Monday, June 29, 2015

The Sexiest® Awards..Congrats!

Another year in the books! I wanted to take this time to thank some people. Emma and Serenity for starters, for asking me to be head judge.. it was a great honor for me.  I want to then thank the people i picked for my judging crew. Alexus Minotaur, Arnno Planer, Cleopatra Kellman, Hard Rust, Jodi Morane, Katina Cazalet, Raelin, Scooby Mode, Sparkle Hallard.. if you know or see any of these people they need a round of applause for all their hard work and  time watching all the movies and looking at photos etc. 

Next i wanted to congratulate EVERYONE who sent a application in. You are all winners and do wonderful work. I was pleased to see such a big mix of old faces and new ones to go through and judge on. It just goes to show that the SL porn industry will never die :) So kudos to all and congrats to the nominee's for making it that far... and to the winners for your exceptional work!

My thoughts...the photography was great and  shows how in porn we can be erotic and glamorous too. So for those that don't want to get too down and dirty... being nude and glamorous is good too! or vice versa...;) So whether your a photographer or model.. get to those porn parties.. meet others, post pics, get peoples opinions ( don't worry if people don't comment in group chat when you post a notice or flickr link...sometimes we all just get busy) , but most of all.. have fun!!

...Movies..if you are or have been a movie maker or thinking of being one.. YAY! Movies are the one thing in porn i never tried doing.. i left Thor  to doing that job for me. I applaud anyone who has made movies tho.. it is alot of work!!  I had a great time watching them all. I would say for any tips to pass on, is do what your comfortable doing.. experiment  find something that works for you.  As Emma put it for what we judged for movies, is it can be a minute or it can be a hour. So we AREN'T looking at length.. for a winner. We look at the technique and story line..and the character of the story and of course we need the sexiness,whether explicit or sensual. If you can hit all that... well ..we hope to see your name then next year.

Again i just want to say .. most of all.. is have fun!! Enjoy SL and the Porn ..and have fun working on your content for next year.

and now thank you to all for the support, I am sorry i couldn't make it to the awards.. RL has had me tied down a bit lately..and needing to lay low a while with porn...not for sure if or when/long..
Until we meet again, someday..
Licks and Kisses to you all...
Eva Brunswick

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