Sunday, June 14, 2015

Wanna Flick? Twerk in 60 seconds !

For your movie weekend, yet another couple from the many movies you can peek at. Check out...

Yes, first of all, the 7th installment from Travis Wagner's '60 seconds with...' series!

I love that Travis is keeping up with his series, whose target is, if you need a reminder, to showcase in a minute a different model every time. This time Travis brings us the gorgeous Aubrey, a bit of a muse of his, and the results are fantastic.

I am again quoting my dear friend and avid porn watcher (not sure which of the two epithets is more shameful) Erika Thorkveld and a comment of hers when she said regarding the previous one with Ali Lancrae: "Yay, becoming more and more explicit, I love that! *chuckles* ".
One element I always loved about Travis' video making is that he shoots sex and 'explicit' with the same talent and grace of a glam music video.

I won't spam you with screenshots of this, although there are plenty great views composed in this short minute of film that would allow me to take a dozen of captures. Just take a good look and enjoy ! But first...

...I am gonna spam you with screenshots of this one. Yes, because of course new videos from the historic porn director Alexandr Aho is always an event, and I couldn't miss showing a bit of this one, hm?
This stars mr. Alexo himself and 3 girls in: Kaylee, Jaylen, and, err, I quote:  Lα Bεℓℓα Vιтα di Dσηηα Estrαdα.

For this video, much different in style from Travis' with its liberal use of DoF and certainly diverging in the aesthetic of the models, posting a bunch of snapshots works in a limited way again. You can get an idea of the many, hot views Aho picked...

...but(t) at the same time, it's clearly the montage the strong point of this production: Alexo did a perfect job with the editing in tempo with the music, and the video is a tumultuos and energetic sex trip, which plays to the historic strenghts of this director...

....he loves them curvy, loves them plenty, and loves to bang them hard. Although it's almost vanilla compared to some of the hardest shags in unsavoury enviroments he brought us in the past!

Doesn't he look adorable, anyway?

So as I said, two different movies to watch, and looking forward to the future endeavours of both directors, with their different styles. Enjoy them, after the jump! And some more ass!

   Jump, jump!
And if you made videos or anything you want to be featured, caaaaall me!

60 Seconds with...Ep.7

60 seconds with... Ep.7 from Travis Wagner on Vimeo.

Twerk Over Alexo

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