Thursday, January 28, 2016

Coffee, tea, me? Racheal, what else

It's always great to see new directors on the scene, even more so when it's someone you already had chances to see on the other side of the camera. Racheal Rexen has already shown range throughout her porn career, not only being a model of extraordinary beauty and personality in her looks, but also constantly honing her skills as photographer.  More than just someone who takes lovely snapshots, Racheal's proficiencies secured her a spot on the staff of SL Connoisseur magazine and can be admired on her flickr stream and her blog, which often features also exclusive shots.


I obviously have a soft spot for those pornstars who give some importance to blog for their fans, and if you followed her there, you already probably had a hint something might have been brewing, when she posted a simple test clip of her notable self having a little dance for the camera.

 So, Racheal made a movie this month! And won't be the only one! Coffee Break it is called, and she certainly serves it hot. It features Racheal herself with a cameo of her partner, fresh 'pet of the month' Jezzi Mornington, and a sweet looking co-star in Candy Kane (candygurlx).

"When Racheal meets Candy at a coffee shop, you can bet some naughtiness is going to happen. "

Without further ado, let's have the director Racheal tell us more about it and this new experience for her. I can tell you, she has plans, and of course that's great news for all those of you who wish there were more opportunities for movies.

- What motivated you into doing a movie yourself? 

" There were many reasons that motivated me, I was inspired by watching many directors, like Isa, Zoey, Miss Em and Erin Cedarbridge, I saw how Erin started and became one of the best directors in SL Porn, That was really inspirational to me, I also wanted to try something new, so I thought I would try directing."

- Was 'Coffee Break' the first idea you had for a movie?

" Miss Emily suggested that my first movie should be simple, So that where the idea of Coffee Break came from, I wanted to make a simple movie with a little bit of a story, Since I already a coffee shop set, I went with it."

- Tell us how the movie 'happened'. Certainly not overnight. What did you do first, and then how did it develop into this directorial debut ?

" Just learning how to make a movie took a couple of weeks. The script was fairly simple, two people meet at a coffee shop and go and have sex. The audio was one of the hardest parts, I spent hours searching the internet just to find a 3 second sound bit, finding other simple little sounds like the door chime took a lot of time too.

The locations was built on my land, it took two or three day to build. After that, the shootings took two days, I kind of messed up and had to re shoot part of it. A large part of filming was adjusting poseballs, that had to be one of the most frustrating parts. Also finding the right sex animations/engine was very time consuming. The editing then took about a day, it was like putting a puzzle together, looking for which piece goes in what spot. "

- You thanked for your movie well known and experienced directors like Miss Emily, Isa Cheviot, Zoey Winsmore. Can you tell us more about those who helped you and supported you?

" I asked Miss Emily, Isa and Zoey for their advice, it was so great of them to take the time and help me, I really appreciated it. I also have to thank Candy Kane and Jezzi Mornington for letting me practice filming on them, They were great."

- Which part about this project was the hardest for you to do ? Do you have any advice for aspiring directors, from your experience and/or what Emily, Isa, Zoey told you?

" It took hours, finding the right audio to match my vision, searching for the right sex engine was difficult, as well as getting the poses adjusted. I would tell aspiring directors to do their research, watch youtube videos and read blogs about SL machinima. There are many online resources that will help.

Be prepared to spend some money, you are going to need screen capturing software and decent video editing software and you are also going to need a location and a good sex engine/ bed.
Don't get too frustrated, try and experiment at first. Miss Emily had great advice: keep your screen clear, hide the user innerface and hide your huds."

- Not asking you to reveal 'secrets' of course, but what are your next projects? Moviewise of course, but we also appreciate your talent as photographer , you collaborate to a magazine, you are a very popular actress and model....

"I am hoping to do at least one movie a month, they are going to be simple for a while because I am still learning how to make films. I am currently working on several ideas."

A huge thank to Racheal for being so easy to work with and patient. Enjoy please her movie, that you can see also after the jump!

Coffee Break