Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Slutty Tuesday at Stepford

Last year saw an ever growing number of new filmakers in the SL porn scene, mixed with 'old lions' who keep being around and find inspiration through new work, and a lot of people who simply enough produce videos not everyone knows about....and they should! I appreciate enormously your collaboration in this sense, as I look to feature the most diverse amount of adult machinima.
However, I think also that for the amount of effort put in some videos, a little bit of extra fanfare is needed. It's the case of the movie who was a couple days ago officially aknowledged and awarded by friends and peers in the ceremony at Miss Emily's Golden Cock awards.

After my first interview with her, my idea for a post about Erin Cedarbridge's The Stepford Sluts was to celebrate a little more her award-winning achievement by quoting some of her actors' comments about it.

I asked them to tell me a bit about their experience on set and the reaction to the finished movie, which I thought, was going to be interesting, especially considering how much of a reimagination (not to mention, inventive pornification) of the original movie this ended up to be. In some ways being 'closer' to the original movie than Frank Oz's.

Long story short: some of the actors involved exceeded by far my expectations with their narrations and the way they aknowledged and gave recognition to the monumental task and lucid planning skills by Erin; some if not all grabbed awards and nominations that night and I didn't feel like editing their comments out too much. I have still much other feedback to feature, but for now enjoy this batch of comments about their experience filming one Emily-esque Epic Movie! (and thanks so much to all the others I have not published -yet).

Larry Vinaver 

" Well where do i begin? I was familiar with the Frank Oz movies of both the 1970s Katherine Ross/Nanette Newman version and the modern updated movie starring Nicole Kidman & Chris Walken, upon which Stepford Sluts is based.

'Stepford sluts' was first relayed to me a an idea by Erin Cedarbridge in June of 2015, she im'd and asked me if i would be interested in playing the role of Mike Wellington alongside Emily, of course naturally I jumped at the chance! Within a short while a cast list was assembled that would be added to and revised as time went on; it eventually encompassed a virtual 'who's who' of SL porn and that is why the movie had such a focal point, it was an idea that became a reality to touch all of our lives here.

I do think that it is one of the groundbreaking SL drama movies that has evolved the industry to another level begun by Emily's 'Legs wide spread'. 'Stepford sluts' , initially started as a serialised 4 part movie was reissued as a full feature length production so as the entire experience can be enjoyed.
The filming of actual scenes was easier than you might imagine, after all all of us have worked together in previous shoots and movies so we have an idea of how each other works and also can anticipate what is actually required of us to get the desired result. Its also great fun on the set too; I find that the jokes and witty comments will always be a great feature of working together with such a wonderful crowd of people.

The scenes with multiple takes, the long time in one position, all good humoured with plenty of fun and joking around on set, thankfully put at ease by Erin's direction and the experienced cast around working to make the movie a success. I did very much enjoy the initial 'I can do better ' scenes at the beginning which laid the groundwork for the whole movie and kept us all eager for the next instalment each time. The final scene was also a pleasure to shoot , that is obvious:-))

I would be doing an injustice if I did not mention the wonderful Emily, my on screen co villainous spouse Claire, who it is a delight to work with each time, a great professional with a fabulous sense of humour. In fact we are lucky as the cast gelled well and as enjoyable as the instalments were the movie was served most well when it was reissued as a complete movie. I hope it wins awards this year , I am optimistic , Erin made a splendid effort in making this project a success."  (see, being optimistic sometimes works! - Kat )

Cream Release

" I was so pleased with the finished movie. I was really impressed with how expertly Erin was able to chop up the reference film and make it fit her pornified storyline, including morphing the voices of some of the characters enough to make them fit the actresses. Erin was very organized. I'm fairly sure she knew exactly what role she wanted me to play and she hunted me down for it.

 I'll admit I was a little disappointed that I didn't have much sex in the film, but when when I saw the finished product, I absolutely loved that I got to be the comedic heart of the film. (I hope i get to have more sex next time though.)
Due to the incredibly large cast, we shot a lot of it in pieces, cut together with clever camera angles. My availability being what it was, it was hard to schedule me en masse with the others, so I never shot with more than 2 or 3 other actors simultaneously.

Consequently, it was really hard to even guess what was happening and when. We shot in snippets. We shot out of order. We shot separately and at odd times. Yet, it all worked out. I cannot say more about how organized Erin was to make this all work out. If she were in charge of an RL movie production, I think she'd do just fine.

Her organization was evident right from the beginning. In addition to the background notecards we got, each actor got a costume list, specifying what scenes they'd be used for and what was required of each scene. It made it really easy to be prepared. Having outfits saved made it really easy to get started quickly and to shoot whichever scene was necessary in the moment. I'm in awe of Erin putting together such an ambitious project and the way she did it. "

Ali Lancrae

" With Stepford Sluts, it all started for me with lots of people I know landing all these roles and preparing their outfits and looks and just a general buzz about Erin's new Big Series. I hadn't filled out an application because Erin and I are longtime friends going back before I was even in porn - and she was just starting. So I thought, 'she knows me so well she'll just ask me and I won't bother her with more to read when she knows all about me already anyway'.

Time marched on and it seemed all the roles might have been filled when Erin and I were talking and I suddenly blurted something about how wow her new series sounded so hot and why wasn't I in it. She said, "Did you send me a resume?" "No," I quipped, "Here's my resume: I'm Ali, your longtime friend who you know all about and who appears in films and wins awards ..good?" And it must have been pretty good because she gave me a juicy role right then and there.

She cast me as Barbara in the opening episode. When I asked what kind of wardrobe I needed to assemble Erin said just a bikini that won't be on me for very long because Babs is a total slut who screws everyone she meets for the whole film and my wardrobe would be 'Nude'. This was a role I could get into.
And I did.

I banged my heart out for Erin and she was super to work with. She's meticulous and focused and fun to be with and her series is a joy to watch. The whole cast including my co-stars Dominic Diamond, Logan O'Leary, Daimaju Clowes, Rachel Avro, Stacia Renoir, Ashley Sugarplum, Brennaghan Bailey and Lightnin Tyran were impressively professional.

I have never seen the original Stepford Wives nor the remake, which this series parodies, but this was a very ambitious undertaking and Erin managed to pull it all together and create a hit. I even just now finally filled out Erin's Club E application so I can maybe be in another one of her productions. I would love that.

See this series!  You won't be sorry! "

Damien Godard

" I played the role of Ed Wainwright. The husband of Carol Wainwright, portrayed by Adele Simondsen. I was cast after being seen in a photo-shoot that was created by one of the industry's amazing photographers, Anyka Aiséirí. The experience on set was very enlightening, as well as fun. I got to meet, and work with some of the veterans of the porn industry.

Needlessly to say, I soaked it all in, learning as much as I could at each shoot. I enjoyed every bit of it. I was not familiar with the original story by Frank Oz. My film interests are more on the side of science fiction, action, and comedies. This particular film was not on my radar. However, after being selected as a member of the cast, I did view the original. I felt that I needed to get an idea of the storyline.

I must say with Erin and Emily, who was also a cast member, working on set I began to learn a lot about the film making process. Erin did an excellent job directing and producing Stepford Sluts. I enjoyed working with her, as well as the other cast members, and was very happy with the finished product."

Amia Edelmann

" Stepford Sluts began with a question actually, from someone I consider to be one of my bestest friends here...... which was something like.... "why haven't you applied for any parts in this video? The Stepford Sluts" Imma not way good at seeing all the posts and well I missed this one :( . I didn't/don't know anything about the movie, but from that convo, i did send a notecard to Erin and was lucky enough to be chosen for a part in it!

On the set, (btw I am always nervous on any set), but this one was way different for me. Erin and the actors/actresses that were part of it were the best! They were way good at calming me without even trying and each moment of the shootings was lots and lots of fun. All of them were way awesome to work with! :) The best part of the movie for me, as far as being on the set, is hard to choose, but Imma have to say it was the scene in the barn, with dancing. Sandy and I were doing Sil in the loft........and it was tonz an tonz of fun!

No one will prob be able to understand that wasn't there, but thankies Sil for being you :) The end results of the movie I thought were fantastic! It was a huge undertaking I can only imagine, but I think Erin's efforts were amazing in the end results."

Miss Emily

" I was just an actress in it and just follow direction, I try not to give any instruction and not get in Erin's way, if she needed help she knew she could ask.

I think Erin told me she had and Idea for a full length movie when LWS was near completion, Stepford Sluts and asked if I had seen the original Stepford wives or the remake, which I hadn't ... still haven't. When shooting scenes you really don't get much under standing of the whole movie either, just do you scenes and on your way, then see what the whole turns out to be.

Erin did a great job putting the sound track together because it's hard to tell how much sex was in the original movie and what she added. Of course I knew the original wasn't X-rated. So for me is was very different being on the other side of the lens of a movie that size and filmed a month or more in advance... I probably should have watched the original, but Erin's version will be the only one I know, she did a great job !! "

Zoey Winsmore

" I have to be guilty when it comes to having watched the real movie that Erin based her porn version parody on. I have not watched the movie before, and I haven't seen it afterwards. But since The Stepford Sluts covers the main story part already, I can say I have sort of watched it now with some more exciting things that aren't in the real movie lols. I probably will be bored watching the real one anyways, so the parody is being better.

How it began, I got asked by Erin to be included and ofcourse I did say yes as I was excited for her doing this kind of a big project. She had this plan and we did talk about it during the parties a few times. Choosing my character, was a bit difficult but the job position my character had, was for me the tie breaker between another character. I probably can say, I always liked looking around at airports in real life and I have seen the one in Amsterdam as it was on my list visiting that city.

I did leave a comment on Erin's studio blog to congratulate her and by knowing how much time went into filming alone, the editing and finishing this big movie project, I was excited seeing how she made this to be an awesome outcome. I for myself think I won't step into doing this kind of projects not because I can't do it but because I think it will take too long and having uncertainty with casting."

Stay tuned for future (further) coverage of Emily's Intergalactic Sluts and Zoey's Business of Women, and watch the movie if you haven't yet, on Club E's website swallowing it as a whole motion picture or in the 4 (one, two, three, four) tasty portions it was released originally as, but most importantly...

...Hit me up with your suggestions and contributions for the blog, I want to talk about -your- movie too!


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