Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Take me to Church - it appears to be quite a fun place!

Oh this would have been a good post for a Sunday morning, but I gave you Aroused!'s Sinful Sisters instead. My bad. I want to repent. I know where I can go to make amends. Just ...


Yes, Take me to church! I am quite sure that even if you never watched a single SL porn video in your life (woah, what are you doing here then?), this title must have rung a (church)bell, given the huge popularity the much celebrated song by Hozier is still riding, and stimulated your curiosity.
And the screenshots here, courtesy of Virtual Immaturity Entertainment, I am sure compel you to see more.


And if you are a blog follower and have -any- familiarity with the SL adult arts scene, then you do know who Thorgal McGillivary is, and that's what I am sure seals the deal. Thorgal has shown through the years what type of award winning performance he can put up inspired by a powerful musical score, and you won't be disappointed seeing what sort of story and visuals he created on the notes of this worldwide hit with jarring tempo and acrid lyrics.

"A story of faith, religion, domination, submission and worship and a soundtrack that effing rocks this world!

click and go check the first ever appearance of the gorgeous Emily Baxton and old dude Jochen Geil in this Thorgal McGillivary production made possible by VIE and WS Creations..."

Not much I should add here, considering also that Thorgal is one of those outstanding directors who put great pride in their work and know how to present it very well. Following these production photos, there's a very nicely put together post on the Virtual Immaturity Entertainment website who details some of the trials and tribulations even the most experienced director has to face. With a special mention for the great new talent Thorgal gave a chance to for this video.

A once in a lifetime chance, some would say, especially for Jochen, who could croak anytime soon. Both his very peculiar appearance and Emily Baxton's superb showing are here to demonstrate that opportunities can arise anytime and having 'the right look' (and outfit, alas!) for a part, combined with a good dose of luck and timing, can truly make any well prepared newcomer a star overnight.


Watching Thorgal's movie, I thought it would have also been nice to mention one of the way too many movies I missed out blogging last year. It's a movie so very different from Thorgal's, as different as the Ellie Goulding version version is from Hozier's.

Released in May last year, 'Confessions' was one of the many fun productions by Dillon for HBIC featuring some of the actors he ended up using in other productions with equally effective results: Rob Roxley and M3, not to mention an extended (and alas, not sexual) cameo of the producer Meg Corral -who is now enjoying a time away from the porn scene, but of course we all have in mind an eventual return.

And of course, Carly Mode, who gets to be one adorable, sexy creep of a girl in this. She is always an highlight of every production - together with Dillon's polo- and the movie's twisted atmosphere comes from her story and antics. Here's a couple of her production pics, too!

twice the fun-back

twice the fun-front

I loved to watch Thorgal's state-of-the-art photography, with the especially refined intro, its bold choice of subject, even diffused in the end by a delightful bit of silliness and humour that is so him. But also I enjoyed to see the more colourful and entirely different take that the ensemble cast of Confessions were able to display, going on for a very successful and productive 2015 in movies. On the wonderful and very much missed Retroville sim, which incidentally is where Thorgal wanted to stage his project.

But as I said, you can read that on Thorgal's blog, and you should! Enjoy both Thorgal's very recent movie and Dillon's 'oldie' (time in SL runs fast!) right here, after the jump. If the embed works, of course!

And if you have Second Life porn-related things to talk about, please hit me up with an IM, and i'd love to make a post on this blog, anytime! It won't take 9 months, i promise!

Take me to Church 


no embed because the autoplay is annoying AF. Click above :-)

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