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The Pornstars' Rack: Happy Valentine's Day, really!

What else could we say if not "Happy Valentine's day"? This is the turn of

Aroused! Magazine

Aroused! Magazine Issue 36

Yes, I do want to wish a happy Valentine's Day to everyone, and my partner Marika Blaisdale and I had a great chance, with the latest issue of Aroused! magazine. You know Aroused well by now, I would imagine, and you know how the magazine works. You can see a variety of high quality photoshoots, and we get the opportunity to feature many of the Sexiest photos, models, photographers who enjoy a chance to have their work 'on display' here in the magazine. And also on the in-world gallery of the magazine, might I add - you can still admire there the full 'Parts of a whole' set by Spirit Eleonara.

I loved this dynamic photo that opens the photoset, her shown in full. Monique shows 'in full' in the photoset too!

This issue was a thrill to put together, in every sense because a couple shoots were turned in quite close (past.. :p) the deadline, but it was so worth it. I have no words to thank Nicasio Ansar not just for his set with Yana Grau, but also for the work with the wonderful Kei Frequency for the photoset who made the cover.
I have too many words to say how special it is for me to open the issue with a photoset so delightfully close and intimate by Partee, whose success and skills as photographers are for everyone to see (when you don't let her very notable butt monopolize your attention), and with Monique LeFry as model. Monique is one of those bright newcomers who deserve everything in my book, and she looks just gorgeous here.

Desirae with one of her most iconic looks in her partner Bonheur's set.

It's difficult for me to cover issues that present so much excellent material (well, would be even harder if it was a terrible issue, of course, so I'll pucker up!), because I could and perhaps SHOULD go on and on about it. One collaborator of the magazine that thrills me every time is Bonheur Beaumont, and this photoset she turned in has stunning shots all over. Her high quality and artistic shots make such intriguing displays, and what a cast, with dreamy beauties in inks. Beginning with a real queen of the tattooed look in Desirae Beaumont, and including Denise Beaumont, Elisabeth Pontes, Violette Ravinelli, Phoenix Sparks.

Sinful Sisters Aroused 1Saint Valentine's day, is a religious thing, right?

For Saint Valentine's day, we have nuns, thanks to Nakuru Bergamasco and his great spread continuing the adventures of the Sinful Sisters Zynda and Sara. See, we are a magazine surprisingly rooted in the tradition. And one of the traditions of the world of porn photography is also, pool table shots! So we have one of those amazing sex shoots by Dokielicious Doobie, featuring as model the very lucky Cykes!

That 8-ball surely answers so many questions...

So much to say from my privileged position , knowing the history of the various photoshoot. My sexy partner Marika not just sorted the technical side of the magazine putting it together and patching up my screwups organizing it, but is also a contributor with 2 photosets, featuring a boy love shoot with Nathaniel Cole, and a lingerie shoot with Ashley Sugarplum, Erinyes Celestalis, Shae Bellambi, Tatiana Alexandra.

Would you like YOUR Valentine's day to feature these 4?

Aw man, so many things worth mentioning. The debut of the blog enthusiast (she always thanks Ali when she is featured in the gallery, lol) Evangeline Ling, another solid effort from Sandra Palletier, Rachel Avro doing again lots for the magazine this time bringing the dreamy Cream Release. And Tammy Jones bringing a new photoset with a model I am happy to feature again after a long leave and some personal tribulations: the gorgeous JayJay Moyet.

One of the 'outtakes' from this issue's set by Rachel Avro. Always -so- hard to choose! 

This is when I would usually tell you to "go get Aroused", on Marketplace, check it out online, etc. But actually, I am using the last paragraph to give everyone a big THANK YOU for earning the magazine a nomination in the Avi Choice Awards in the first category, about 'Favorite Magazine, Newspaper or Periodical'. Well, I can't hide the fact that with it being the first category, means also that's super easy for you to vote, you don't even have to scroll the page !
But still, I am just glad that my partner's work gets to be recognized amongst (other) nicely produced magazines, most of which are high profile fashion magazine and well oiled machines so well polished and glam that, I can say, I find incredibly amusing to share a category with!

Please, contact me anytime in-world and let me know about your ideas for your blog posts, the magazine, and anything you'd like to see on these pages....and why not, Aroused's too! Thanks!

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