Tuesday, February 9, 2016

The Pornstars' Rack: My Chesty Valentine

When you say 'Valentine's day' you instantly think of a big heart and some fancy sweets. Now what do you think about when I say...

BUSTed Magazine

Busted February 2016

I know what you are thinking about! And you'll find pairs and pairs in this issue, again! My mention of the festivity is not random, of course: you can tell by the cover how this new dreamy issue is a perfect fit for Valentine's day, starting with the gorgeous covergirl, one of the gems of the so called 'porn' scene, the lovely Zuby Gloom.

The ravishing Ravi, pondering if cauterizing a prick seems a bit overkill

And the polyamorous covergirl is just one of the many tiles in the mosaic of this unconventional Second Life celebration of love, in every form. One of the most talked about bits of this issue is certainly the interview feature with the muse of many, and a photographer of staggering popularity herself: Rachel Avro. A high point of the magazine's illustrious career, in many ways. Including, forgive me if I focus on that, the photography, as it comes with a very inspired set, featuring a model with spotless beauty (well, nearly, she DOES have a mole :p) and a tender heart.

Yes yes, Rachel Avro has a magazine spread this month! The world is still spinning.

But Busted is full to the brim of Sexiest pornstars! Demonique Moonbeam! Ravi! The pictures of Solidx, Spirit Eleonara, and of course Bewitched Difference and Rachel themselves, with the dynamic duo also on camera not just in their sim coverage, but also in a fun shoot that furthers the 'Disney princesses' theme of the month and shows the adverse effect that GMO food can have on our sleep!

Falling asleep during a photoshoot? Tsk tsk, Demi....

Plus, there's real pork, in this issue! Giant horses, unicorns! You can't go wrong checking Busted out, and you have to look no further if you have interest in a naughty and fun lifestyle magazine for the curvy lady...not to mention, if you have as one of your SL dreams to appear in a top quality photoshoot. Get the magazine checking out the group history, for FREE on Marketplace  or...

even simpler, just getting it from one of the myriads of kiosks scattered around SL, and that allow you to subscribe so you automatically receive it in your inventory minutes after the release.


Wait no further, and enjoy this issue! And your sweetheart(s), while you are at it!

And tell me more about your magazines, please, and any work you are part of and want to show proudly!