Friday, February 5, 2016

The Pornstars' Rack : My Sexy Valentine

Need to get in your Valentine mood? I know what you need ! You need to check out this issue of...

Maybe I am biased, but certainly this issue spells out 'Valentine's day' from its cover. For anyone who knows the gorgeous Partee and had chances to be in touch with her heartwarming cheerfulness and positivity, she is indeed a really inspired choice for the day of the lovers. And the photospread by Cream Release that you will find inside is one of those perfect storms of photographer talent and model pulchritude that would sell a magazine on its own.

Jezzi gets wet in this issue, but so will YOU! 

And that without forgetting the other model showcased in the issue, in the 'Pet of the month' spread by Athena. After Yana Grau in the past issue, another beauty who doesn't get nearly as much exposure as she could, the sensual Jezzi Mornignton.
Connoisseur is a lifestyle magazine full of useful shopping tips and valuable information about what is at work behind the popular items of popular designers, but prides itself to have quality photography, and this issue certainly does its best to prove it.

Partee Mytili (SL Connoisseur #5)

Because seriously, look at her!

With just 2 main modeling spots, the 'competition' to be a centerfold in Cream's pics or a 'pet of the month' in Athena's shoots is certainly going to be fierce. Friendly competition, of course, right? The magazine is obviously interested in giving the right coverage and exposure to its models, starting of course with the centerfold models, usually established personalities of the adult scene with their own projects and endeavours to promote (try to forget for a moment I was one too!). So many options, so much to take into consideration when putting a quality product together. The certainly approachable mr. Taurion is very much avalaible to listen to the suggestions and proposals of the readers, many of which are aspiring models, we know that! Keeping everyone happy is of course impossible, but as a fellow magazine editor, I can only say "We try! Be patient!".

SL Connoisseur has some Naughty readers, but so romantic too!

Have I got you interested enough with the photos? Well, the entire magazine of course has a rich package of photos, starting with the readers' submission for Valentine, continuing with the interviews conducted by Edvard Taurion himself (including a MUST read one with Eve Light from Smooching Serpents), Michaela Vixen, Athena, with support photos by Michaela and Athena themselves, and Racheal Rexen. And Athena's Sim Spotlight and the Whimsical fantasies, this issue with a marked change after the playful 'little people' fairytale of January, and with an intriguing story of d/s and exhibitionism in the big city.

A story perfect for a very wicked v-day, and you can read it only on Connoisseur! Enjoy this new Valentine issue, getting the magazine if you haven't yet from the group notices, one of the many kiosks (for instance at Club Yana tonight at the party!) , or just contacting Edvard Taurion himself - maybe you have a place and you want one of his vendors there, who knows! Have a great weekend and see you soon...

I love to give coverage to your productions: magazine,s movies, photo series. Let me know what's on your mind and let's arrange a blog post together!

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