Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Wanna Flick? Jenny's Night Out

Today I am in the mood for something new, and romantic.

Yes, I think we're on the right track here. Today, let's go with...

Announcing a new video by Jenny Starveling is to me a great pleasure, having followed her directorial debut and following movies, and being quite saddened by the loss of that footage. In fact, when you meet Jenny next, perhaps you should follow my steps and gently nag her to re-upload some of her previous nawty adventures, because they were definitely worth seeing.

Notice how I said 'when' and not 'if', because if you enjoy the sexy side of SL and have a curious and exploring attitude, you are bound to bump into the roving Jenny at some point, who is drawn to the heat of lustful bodies like a moth to the flame.

One of the places where you can find her often of course is the purplest club of them all, a place that would probably deserve an award category of its own (like, Best "X at Teqi's" picture of the year , or something). Well, darn, I already said the name, but no surprise here.

So this movie is about "A Solo dance at Teqi's gets quite heated when James Peen joins in.": the pretty straightforward premise is carried out filming Jenny's seductive moves and the 'approach' in the GPU intensive enviroment, quite a challenge for anyone's computer. Nice feat and even mixing in a bit of humour, leading to the full-on sex second half, with her muscular counterpart.

Jenny proves to not have lost her touch with the videocamera: we have seen her through the years constantly returning from her encounters with a great booty of photos, but she keeps also showing that her ability to photograph sex encounters translates with uncanny ease to filming, as she makes an effort to bring to the viewer something 'more' than what comes pushing the 'rec' button.

Good montage and editing, great choice of angles, for a video undoubtably very pleasing to watch.
She doesn't get to douse her partner with her orgasm or chew on any bodypart, but Jenny's flair for facial expression is at its best with this look of hers that she debuted already some months ago: take a look, and you won't be disappointed. On Naughty Machinima ! Or..after the jump!

...Remember to hit the HD button, of course! And to hit me up when you wish your new (or old!) videos to be covered here. I am more than avalaible to feature you!

A Night Out 

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