Thursday, February 25, 2016

Wanna Flick? Pink to Pink

Again a movie post? Mhm! Seems just about the right to show a little devotion to the silver screen! In this case, painted red, black and, of course.

 Like last week's post, this movie features the Thursday night party host and very well known porn personality Ayara 'Pinkypie' Illios, as seen by Artfull Zane. And what an interesting view this is...

Beginning from the title already it should be clear that the atmosphere of this movie is peculiar. Very much so.

I love when even without words a movie can set a mood and show a stimulating situation. Progressing from an unusually intimate, snug and homely preamble, to what happens when the girl shows the namesake quality of the movie...

... in more kinky ways!
What's more to say about Ayara as an actress that hasn't said before? Well, actually, this movie gets to show her in a lovely 'perfect wife' sort of light (ah the powers of cinematic suggestion... :p) at the beginning, and it's certainly a captivating sight. And the interaction led by Zane is quite fresh, in a really appropriate setting.

A more traditional and different flick, released simultaneously by Zane, is this Pole to Pole, featuring Akasha Raine.

What's a good poledancing for, if not to titillate the 'gust'? And in porn movies of course that is not where it ends...

In fact we know where it ends!
Another professional directing display by Zane in this production: such porn movies are the bread and butter of the adult movie community, and it's short and enjoyable as you admire another sexy actress in full, in hot interracial action!

And Art knows how to showcase the actresses 'assets' so well! Ohhh yeahhhh...Darn i feel so sleazy saying it like this :p

Enjoy the movies after the jump, they are very well worth checking out! And watch Ayara in the flesh at the Pornstars party today, of course @ 50 Shades of Pink!

Please, let me know about your SL projects, i love to feature them!


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