Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Wanna Flick? Sluts and Playmates!

So, this will be a post about sluts and, not 'again' !

Ahhh see, I was just being trying to be funneh here! I had the pleasure to cover before porn videos from Calvenn, and here you have his latest one...

Being part of the Glamour Sluts series, it uses the same premise as the first installment It features one of the most active newcomers on the scene today, the hot Lacey Nora!

Earnest shagging at work here on a video that you just have to watch and enjoy! Hot actors and relentless action in the aftermath of what seemed just another lingerie photoshoot for Lacey...yeah right!

A very promising series, and we hope to see even more in the future, both from Cal as director, and from Lacey as model and actress, after her recent magazine spread! Bet that shoot was not as fun as this one!

Certainly less messy.
Want more studs and more backstage porn going on ? Well well, what about the debut videos of Erinyes Celestalis?

We already cover Erin's work as photographer on the blog constantly thanks to Ali's galleries, and I like to give a periodic little roundup of her shoots as well. She is known for her dynamic and creative photosets, and she knows how to have fun and challenge herself with new material. And in this case, she did some test videos!

That's more or less how she treats them, as I chatted with her, but for being her first attempts at filming, they are worth seeing for sure. Not just because they do show her off engaged in naughty stuff with 2 of the sexiest actors and regulars of her photosets, Ryu Quasimodo and Larry Vinaver...

...well, actually, exactly for that ! It's porn, and it's well shot. When we chatted, Erin expressed her desire to work on the camera movements and learn a couple more aspects of editing and authoring, but you can see by the end of the second video, which features Erin's own original audio montage of sound clips too, that she is ready for more ambitious projects already.
Just look at dat ass move as she works Larry, and you'll appreciate how she gets a nice fluid framerate and places the shot juuuust right.

New productions on the scene are always welcome, and you can see all this after the jump, avalaible on Naughty machinima! Hit the HD button to get the full quality experience!

And feel free to IM me to see more and different things on the blog! Share with me your porn experience!

Glamour Sluts vol.2 

Erin's Playmates: Ryu Quasimodo 

Erin's Playmates: Larry Vinaver 

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