Thursday, February 18, 2016

Wanna Flick? With THOSE shoes ???

Gotta love a title that questions itself, don't you think?

Poster Sun, Sex and Uggs

It's the case of this "Sun, Sex and Uggs???", an unlikely mix even when it comes from a bit of a footwear expert like Ayara 'Pinkypie' Illios, but in the SL tradition of having sex with shoes on, even ugg boots get some love!

When I dropped by at the Pornstars Party last Thursday, in fact, it was set at the place dubbed Pink Production's Reggae Beach, and you'll easily recognize the 'set' of the movie there. Ayara was there doing her usual tasks of host and dj, and was chatting with the guests about the movie itself. I said it last time with her video with Nakuru: it's almost like doing a Hello! Pornstars episode here :p

I am pretty sure most people enjoy sun and sex, and even if you have some sort of idiosyncratic reaction to the third element of the title, I am sure will appreciate the chance to see a hot and well made porn video. There are a few multifaceted talents we are lucky to have in the porn community, and Ayara is one of the most unique ones not just for her iconic looks, but also for the skillset in particular: in fact, one of the elements that makes this video so pleasant, besides the obvious visual merits ....

... is the groovy and nicely porny soundtrack, which is, as often happens with Ayara, her own creation (good for her that she managed to recover it after a 6 hours fight with her laptop - technical difficulties right when the result is within reach seem to be a constant for SL filmakers!).
Big congrats to Ayara again for another porn video that was a pleasure to watch.But hey, let's not neglect the co-star there, Artfull Zane...

And in fact, I take this chance to bring to the attention of the blog readers another flick featuring the inZane one and Pinkypie. And yep, what are the chances here on the Pornstars's a porn! Ayara here is engaged in extreme and potentially harmful activities with a diabolical mechanical device, too...

And of course i meant the razor.

The movie features the steamy hardcore interracial action you'd expect after a good tease in its voyeuristic first part, and there's abundance of really exciting views. Money shots, figuratively...and literally.

Two different movies, with a different approach and many difference in style, but with 2 great performers who know a lot about directing. What's not to like? .

Enjoy the movies after the jump!

Technically, enjoy the embed of Ayara's, and click on the link for Art's (if you know a way to disable the annoying autoplay from xvideos, let me know and i'll be happy to put it up).

Please, let me know about your SL projects, i love to feature them!

Sun, Sex & Uggs ??? 

A Visit with Pink 

No embed because autoplay is annoying! click above to watch it on Xtube!

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