Sunday, February 28, 2016

"Why is no one having sex?"

You know my posts tend to be rather lenghty and include a smorgasbord of photos and stuff, right?
Well, this time I am including just one, and keeping it short, as this is practically a re-blogging post.

She's not a 'pornstar' but a sensualist that many of you follow already through her Flickr; first and foremost though she is a woman who wears her sexuality (and her heart too, but I quote her directly there) on her sleeve, and I am a regular follower of her blog, which so often contains interesting and thought-provoking views and experiences. Check out Beth MacBain's 'Why is no one having sex?' post from her UnBethical Behavior blog, and feel free to put your 2 cents in if you wish!

...and there's so many hot pics that you'll find only on the blog, just saying.

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