Tuesday, March 15, 2016

The Pornstars' Rack: Brentry!

We have been enjoying our Topless Tuesdays, but something was sorta missing. Such as the Bash at...


Brit-X No10 - Out Now!

To use the words of the magazine editor and co-owner Kat Kassner:

"Welcome to Issue 10 - Yes, despite this issue being a long time coming Brit-X is still alive and kicking!

To celebrate our double digitation (I just made that word up!) we bring you 4 Britx-X debutants! PinkyPie, Racheal, Marie and covergirl Gia all light this edition with their alluring form! 
As if that wasn't enough Brit-X pocket rocket Paige Snowpaw is back and we have the first 5 cards in a brand new Brit-X Top Trumps series!

Thank you all!

Kat Kassner "

Racheal by Laredo
Ah to have eyes like that, and yet it's the second thing most will notice...

I could not help but being really happy when I saw the new issue of the magazine come out, followed in short order by the first (hopefully of many other) parties celebrating the Brit-X trademark Topless Tuesday, and by the release of the online version of the previous two issues missing so far from the Brit-X blog.

Brit-X Top Trumps - 2 Pack A
Will anyone take a shot at beating Margie's record?

The quality of the pictorials in Brit-X never disappoints: featured in this issue are prominent Pornstars I had a chance to blog recently and many times in the past: Laredo Lowtide was in great form with his colourful shoot of Ayara Illios, the magnificent capture of Racheal Rexen's beauty, and of course his cover-worthy spread of one textbook ginger in Gia.

Paige Snowpaw by Paige&Kat

Brit-X Pocket Rocket. Hey, not my words!

Kat Kassner's contributions are up to her very high standard as well, also in cooperation with Paige Snowpaw. To close the issue, there's the fun idea of the 'trumps' (no, we're not calling them Drumpfs), putting on the issue the beautiful regulars of the magazine and sim, recapping also the 'gangbang' ongoing contest.

Ayara Illios is the opening model in a much anticipated pictorial, for Brit-X!

The crew at Brit-X is a fun bunch who managed to bring real excitement to the adult entertainment community through their initiatives and actions, and it's great to see their own brand of humour and smexy shenanigans back actively on the scene. Get the in-world version of their magazine, complete with posters, through Marketplace or by visiting their new sim, full of interesting finds. And see you perhaps today at the Official Pornstars Party at 'Rebels', the new coming of Brit-X club! At 3:30 PM SLT, cuz, hey, they are brits, can't conform to that silly daylight savings thing when 'muricans do, right? :p

Show me your magazine, and i'll feature it here! I love to help you showcase your efforts!

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