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The Pornstars' Rack: Luck O' the Irish

Green is the colour of hope, and of green beer! ...ok I am not sure where I was going with that.


Not living in a part of the world where the Irish heritage left its mark (they play cops, we liked to play robbers more), St. Patrick's day is not a festivity I was very familiar with...
Before I got into SL. Since then, I admit it became one of my favourite holidays, even linked to one appearance on this very blog that is still very special to me.
And today, it's certainly a great day to enjoy scantily clad damsels in the St. Paddy special issue of Playmates Magazine!

The smashing photographer Tatiana Alexandra is one of the sexy Playmates appearing regularly in the mag!

"Playmates Magazine's March 2016 issue is out now! 
This month the Playmates models did a sexy Hooter's girls photo series. Plus our Playmate of the Month - Ms. March, MissLina01 in her hot centerfold spread. We give you 20 ways to make money in SL and St. Patrick's Day fashion idea's and much more! Get your free issue at our Headquarters in-world or on SL's Marketplace. "

This was the press release sent out by the impeccable professional that is Tazzy Jenkins, and what an entertaining read it is. You surely are familiar with those people who say they read the RL Playboy 'for the articles', hmm? Well you gotta give some credibility to the rumours, come on. You will indeed find spot-on fashion tips for your irish-themed parties, pointers about how to make some L$ in SL from becoming a land baron to being a teacher (the latter being a popular profession in the pornstars world, I see!), a candid journalistic piece about journalism (that's so meta, I know!), erotic stories and...

Margie Blanco is a constant presence on the magazine ever since her Miss July 2010 honours!

Yes, no kidding, I KNOW you just want the hooters! And your desire takes shape here, the shape of the many featured Playmates that are part of this magazine. They get the chance to experience the very unique taste of SL fame that is the life of a Playmate. And so can you (well, or your significant female other!) in the future, if you wish to take part to the monthly, heavy contested race to become a centerfold.

It's a particularly lucky time to be talking about the magazine, because someone from our Pornstars community found not quite a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, but certainly the fulfilment of a dream for any model, at the end of a contest not for the faint of heart. It's my pleasure to leave the rest of the post to the now officially Playmate of the Year Brea Brianna!

Playmate's Magazine Playmate of the Year 2016

- First and foremost, congratulations on making it to Playmate of the Year! I know you want to thank some people for this achievement, so please, go ahead there!

" I hope I dont forget anyone but god forbid if I do I sincerely apologize. I want to thank each and every one of my friends whether or not you voted for me, you're the reason I won, your kindness is what drives me to new heights and you're the life force in my SL.

Big thanks to CC, Christopher Woodie, Alex Blindside and Fiona, Demarcus Royce, Becky and Gerry Moonshadow , Michelle Bigfooey, MissEmily23 and Sandy, Gimme Siemens, Franken Bailey, Bambi Xenno, Dillon Lecker, Mirko, Partee, Racheal Rexen, Rachel Avro and Ali, Kristen Cuervo, Rain Innoue, Heather Cuervo, DJ Rebel82, Duncan Blackburn, Chloe, Igor Romanov, Greg Rothschild , Tazzy Jenkins, Jennifer Beverly, Katina for being You, and Laura Demonista, Wheels DesMaris. Naughty Eagle , DB Bradders, and Jennifer Beverly for the wonderful Playmates Mansion and soo so many more. And thank you Sammie for being so gracious.

I am truly indebted to you all for your support and friendship and please if I forgot anyone it's not on purpose. I thank everyone that is in my friendslist and you know who you are. "

...and now, time to get wasted!
- You came on top of the Playmate of the Year contest just after having won the Miss February 2016 honours. Want to share with our readers a bit of what it means to be a model for Playmates? The life of a Playmate model means honours yes, but also commitments, doesn't it?

" Modeling for Playmates Magazine is exciting to no end, I have always been one to aim for the stars and Playmates is truly one of the top magazines in SL. The girls are like sisters and for every moment since I won miss February its been nothing but amazing. The models have been so friendly and welcoming and Tazzy and the executives have so much to offer any new playmates. It's an SL experience that cant be matched. I think as with anything in SL if you wish to be successful you have to be ready to commit your time and energy to make it so. "

That's one Playmate of the Year look if I have ever seen one! 
- How much of a difference does it make for you to be now not just one of the selected few Playmates but THE model of the year for their franchise?

" I think becoming a playmate is a testament to the quality of friends you can have in SL. I feel the same only now much more attention is placed on me and I feel like I need a new goal to achieve so as to not disappoint my friends and family and become complacent and settled. "

Between the so many models part of the photoshoot, you can spot the sexy Playmates manager Courtezan Quintessa, the photographer Ima Hotone, and too many non-pornstars to list, but all equally worth checking out and quoted on the magazine's complete credits list too.

- You took part to what looked to be a fun collective photoshoot at Hooters, can you share with our readers a bit about your experience?

" Hooters was my first themed shoot for Playmates Magazine after my Miss February Issue, Working with Ima Hotone was a true pleasure , we got along great and i admire her for the person she is and the tireless work she puts in to make Playmates such a great fun magazine. that goes for all the staff and models. It's a true team effort and it shows in the final product and the resulting rewards the magazine has received. 
Working with Tommi was nothing less than amazing , and Tazzy did such a fantastic job getting me acclamated to the Playmates and really made me feel like i belonged. Even when I questioned my worth she pushed me further like a mother hen. You can't buy that kind of friendship ever.
- This brief interview is about the magazine and the Playmate of the Year but this week has been a very special one for you. Our blog readers are very familiar with you and your talents as photographer too. ... 
One of the beautifully produced pictures by Brea that can be seen on her first photo exhibiton at Katmee's Gallery, what part of your SL do you consider the most important now? Do you have any advice for other people who want to have fun in their SL, maybe complain about being 'bored' sometimes? And what if those people asked you advice to "be successful"? Would you call yourself 'successful' ?

" I think anyone that can achieve true comfort and happiness in SL is successful regardless of title or reward, finances etc. I can honestly say i am happy and i guess according to that i am successful :)
My advice for anyone is this. Always try to be the best you can be to your friends
We are not always perfect and we do make mistakes but if you are truly person inside that you project in your SecondLife then people will see that and forgive you and love you for being you.
Always set goals for yourself and strive to achieve them, personal goals are the key to learning, understanding, and growing, in SL and RL and without them, we are only existing .
Be true to yourself and true to your friends and as kind as you can be and never ever do anything for someone expecting something in return
Do it because you truly wish to from the bottom of your heart."

The current issue of Playmates is avalaible on Marketplace and at various kiosks!

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