Monday, March 7, 2016

The Pornstars' Rack: March Madness!

And for our monthly magazine coverage, now we bring you the customary serving of...


March 2016 COVER

By now you probably know Playhouse enough to be unfazed by that orotund 'Over 400 Pages !!!" claim, because when you are about to grab your copy of JazmynCrystalStorm's ponderous magazine meaning to actually go through it from start to finish, it's good practice to warn your associates that they won't see you for a few days. Heck, she released this on February 29 and I am JUST barely done reading it!

MARCH 2016 PLAYHOUSE is here!

As a special Leap Year gift the NEW Issue of PLAYHOUSE is on the Newsstands! Enclosed in this message is the latest edition of the Largest and most Comprehensive Adult Erotic Publication in Second Life!
Our Labor of Love features Pet of the Month and Surfer's bay Lifeguard Jesse Jane as well as a bevy of gorgeous models and stars.

As always if you would like to be a part of our Family of Superstars contact me in world at JazmynCrystalStorm

Love you all!


Happy Ass Monday, by Playhouse, with the lovely newcomer BiancaPinky!

Yeah ok, as always I like to be flippant when it comes to the magazine, but it's good to see new model get exposure, and Playhouse features in this issue a few, together with rising stars of the world of adult modeling that you already admired in quality shoots in the past.
The artwork by cover and centerfold artist Michaela Vixen combine with Jazmyn's spreads of the other models, not to mention Jaz's patented 'host' role that cements together the various photo presentations.

Erika Petrovyck (eryka555)_046

Erika Petrovyck gets some rays poolside here at the Playhouse sim! Maybe it will be World Famous one day!

From the cover model Jesse Jane to the gorgeous Erika (Eryka555), the newcomer Bianca Pinky and all the other girls featured here, the magazine is offering you its patented Playhouse style of pictorials, using the chance to show off the new 'homebase' by Kyndred and Ryan Kamala.

Act 05 - 007 (047) 5188x2594

Mosquito bites can be rather painful!

A sim well worth a visit..especially if you are one of the models who want to try and find their sure way to the cover through the monthly contest there. Together with the affiliate club Phoenix Society and the adult establishment Wesh Beauties, you can find your copy of Playhouse there, as well as Marketplace!
IM Jazmyncrystalstorm Resident and have a chat with her if you are interested in a collaboration: I am sure, from experience, that it will be an entertaining one!

And feel free to IM me about ideas for your blog posts, please. You see it above in Jaz's words too why!

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