Thursday, March 3, 2016

The Pornstars' Rack: (Second) Life is a roller coaster

We've got March's holidays all covered already! Because we have...

SL Connoisseur

SL Connoisseur #6 (March 2016)

"Together with my zealous staff, we did our best to follow your feed-back requests. I will take this opportunity to thank you for contacting us, and encourage you to keep doing that in the future. We are here for you, and we want to make a magazine that you like to read."

That's part of the opening statement from the owner of the magazine Edvard Taurion, wishing everyone cheerful festivities in the month of St. Patrick's day and of course, Easter. Words simple enough, but not simply words when you look back at the growth of this young magazine from one issue to the next.

March Staff Photo_Final

Everyone deserves a praise for this magazine, including the person who waters the plants!

A steady growth that sees the magazine showcase more and more quality content creators, from the traditional adult animation and furniture designers that are the bread and butter of Edvard Taurion' SL business, to the quality home and decor designers and clothing makers attracted to the magazine by its definite 'mainstream' appeal that trascends 'porn'. "We want to reach all parts of SL", the Executive Editor of the magazine Athena told me, and since she didn't follow that statement with improper fondling of my private ones, I think she really meant the potential audience!

There's probably a joke in there to be made about Irishmen and policemen, but fill in the blanks yourselves!

And that's without mentioning the location reports that have been prominently featured in the past issues already, and that in this new instance of the magazine see the addition in the staff of the very well known Isle Biedermann, who doesn't spend his day just taking pictures of a famous mulberry coloured club, but displays his talent outdoors, in a photoset just perfect for st. Paddy.

Tisha Carfield is one of the lovely group members who dress up for Ed in Partee's fashion shoot!

I know that of course the readers of the Pornstars blog are not here to watch the grass grow, but magazines like SL Connoisseur are a perfect vehicle for you to see your raunchy photographers and super-sexy models (and you know how often the two aspects overlap) putting their skills and passions to fruition for other aspects of SL than sex. In this issue, you'll get to see guest modeling in fashion shoots and location shots Lacey Nora, Sandy Miggins, Tisha Carlfield, Jon Demen, you'll read interviews by the already mentioned Edvard and Isle, the always hard working editor Athena, and fashion from Michaela Vixen and last month's centerfold Parthenea.

Candy Kane aka Candygurlx is the monthly Pet, brought to you by Racheal!

And I am saving pretty much the best for last, because yep there certainly is tits for you to gawk in this issue!

The spectacular centerfold by Cream Release is here too, and you must get a copy of the magazine to admire Ali Lancrae in all her glory. Likewise, the Whimsical Fantasies continue, with the lovely Aristocrat herself and her partner Fiona Hildrum. Saving the last mention of the post for the trump card of this issue Racheal Rexen, who contributed with an interview, complemented with her photography at least 3 interview sets, and was also of 'Pet of the month' duty photographing the porn starlet Candy Kane!
Great job for one hard working lady, but a beautiful coral effort for the Connoisseur team!

Which you can get in an increasing number of locations in SL. Get your copy now, and perhaps if you own a business you'll want to establish a kiosk there! IM a staff member, and let them know your opinion!

And for your magazines and movies, shoots and projects of all sorts, just IM me, I'd love to write about it here on the blog!


  1. "Very well known..." that sound ominous! But thank you :-)

  2. Haha. "The Notorious Isle Biedermann" :-)