Thursday, March 17, 2016

Wanna Flick? The Deep Sleep

Had enough of people of drunken people of dubious Irish origin, gold smuggling midgets and most importantly the colour green? Well, let's just have a look at some movies!

New and interesting movies are being released continuously, and one of the most prolific videomakers is certainly the InZane one, Artfull Zane. Just today, in the notices, he announced 3 new movies ('The Deep massage', 'The Tea Party', 'Heat' ) and the previous one, 'Dreamer' came out just a week ago.

In this post,I am giving you a little taste of 2 of them. The first, because it gives me the chance to show on these virtual pages two of the finest Brazilians in porn: mr. Sasquatch Rhino and the muito bonita Kemi Miles.

It's not the debut for Sas, that starred already in movies by Paolo Julius, or for Kemi, who I admired with great pleasure in a vid by Henry Atropa. Still, they are talents who already collaborated many times in photography, and it's wonderful to see them put on a show in motion.

In this 'The Deep Massage', despite the name of the movie and Kemi's naughty nurse outfit, Sas is not there for an andrological examination...

Gotta say, even IF you were unaware that you are gonna watch a SL porn movie, the soundtrack would quickly tip you off about what is set to happen! Which is of course quite pleasurable for Sas...

For Kemi too, even if she smears her mascara. And yep, Sas is up for some good fun with the masseuse, and is joined there by Zane himself, for some good ole threeway action! What's not to like for your porn movie?

A very different movie (I use that line a lot! Perhaps because it's more fun to pair up in my posts movies that use different approaches?) is Zane's movie from last week, Dreamer.

'Dreamer' is a shorter video and moves at a more leisurely pace in the setup, but it certainly has the superior atmosphere. Zane picked lovely ambient setting and the actress OC Star - I had just taken a look at Zane's presentation of her on his flickr...

New Porn Star OC Star

... has a really nice chance to shine here in a presentation that is as rich of courtliness and grace as a porn can get.

...Which of course makes it only MORE enjoyable when that beauty is put 'to work' for Zane's sweet awakening. Or is it? The attention for the details and the taste for a well composed shot is definitely very high in this flick by Zane, to no detriment of the raw sexuality typical of his production.

And again, I really liked the soundtrack too! Oh yes, I know this is the decisive argument for you, that will convince you to click and check out these movies! Well do it then, after the jump!

Hey, don't fall asleep! If you do, at least dream about a future blog post if you'd like some of your work to be blogged! And then contact me in world and let's make it happen!

The Deep Massage 

The Deep Massage powered by XTube


Dreamer powered by XTube

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