Sunday, March 27, 2016

Wanna Flick? Happy Easter!

One of those posts that write themselves, really!

It is Easter, and we have had themed parties all week celebrating yet one more traditional holiday that has been taken over by the chocolate makers lobby in RL and by the drug dealers that feed our shopaholic instincts in SL. And I couldn't pass up the chance to feature this sexy, zany, uber-cute movie released with perfect timing yesterday and called...

Come on, let's keep it short and sweet...This is such a delight to watch that I'd feel guilty spoiling the great details that Carly Mode managed to fit in, with her Midas touch. Which is also a Bad Touch.

The movie was dubbed by a famous SL filmaker with an encyclopedic cinematic knowledge as 'Carly's best movie yet' and while she certainly raised the bar very high with her previous flicks, I must say that this 'Bunny Style' has indeed style to spare. As you can guess by the screenshots, the editing is top-notch and everything about the scenery is beautifully constructed, reaching the peaks of visionary meshugaas of Candy Paradise, but with greater technical finesse.

Overall every cute bit falls perfectly into place with the naughty bits: it's the work of a surprisingly mature and well-learned filmaker, who cannot ever be praised enough for her creativity. And, ça va sans dire, Dillon is her ideal counterpart, and does what he likes to do best.

Which is banging Carly....or driving motorvehicles? Hmm. I suspect it's a close tie.
Well, as I often say in posts about Carly's movies, I don't want to give away too much, and this time there's no real 'plot twist'...but a real show with so much for you to explore in every frame with its perfect flow. Enjoy the movie, after the bunny hop! Click that HD button!

Happy Easter, and contact me all year long to help me put together a blog post with YOUR contribution to the world of Second Life porn!

Bunny Style 

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