Friday, April 8, 2016

The Pornstars' Rack: Fresh Faces, Pointy Ears

And for our monthly magazine coverage, we couldn't refrain from bringing you the newest incarnation of...


This time Playhouse's page count clocks in at 469: I think we could make it a party game or something, trying to guess the foliage of the next issue, approximated to the closest dozen. Month after month, Jazmyn's publication gives an opportunity, often to absolute newcomers, to be featured in lenghty photosets, and even be a covergil. Like in the case of the barely two-monther Kiara, seen in this issue in a photoshoot and set to be in the next issue as Pet of the Month, after emerging on top of the monthly contest the magazine is based on.

Look how many pretty faces! ...well, bodyparts!

The 'new' people that get this kind of exposure are obviously going to relish this chance to Oh Em Gee, be in a magazine, and this month was the turn, amongst the other models getting their break, of Michelle Deveraux Hastings (Mdevereaux), Tatusia Zabawka (tatusiu) and the aforementioned Kiara (Kiaraslet).

Michelle here shows all her class: she has a lovely pair (of last names)

The various models of course photographed with the standard of pictorials Jazmyn has presented us issue after issue, with so many shoots to go through, and with the highlight being of course the contribution by cover and centerfold artist Michaela Vixen, this time putting on display the first ever elven model of the mag See? SL wins once more, no RL magazine has ever had a true elf on the cover! except maybe Barry Manilow. But it was nothing erotic. Luckily.

Above, some sexy bits by Kiara! Did you know she has been in many publications already? I didn't!

Announcing the early release of the APRIL 2016 PLAYHOUSE! This issue is attached to this group message. You can also obtain it at the PLAYHOUSE Sim, The Phoenix Society and Wesh well as the PLAYHOUSE Store on Marketplace looking under PLAYHOUSE Enterprises!

If you still haven't received your copy message me in world!

Hope you all enjoy!


Tatusia not afraid of written reminders.

As Jaz reminded in her notice announcement, Playhouse is avalaible now also through Marketplace including the WHOLE archive of the magazine (great chance if you missed an old issue and you really want to train your clicking button going through some), but the sim is of course worth a visit, you'll find there a few familiar locations from the shoots, and in particular from Jaz's adorable intermissions that serve as narration throughout the issue. Visit and IM JazmynCrystalStorm, if your dream is being in her magazine! And have a great day!

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