Sunday, April 3, 2016

The Pornstars' Rack: Spring Clean

What is happening in the world of magazine? Let's see as we take a look at...

SL Connoisseur

SL Connoisseur #7 (April 2016)

Like many other things in the ever-changing metaverse, the world of SL adult magazines is quite fluid. April opened with the news, quite shocking for most, of the final issue of one historic publication in SL, Busted Magazine. We'll have of course a chance to talk about it. For one magazine that goes, though, two seem to take their place.
Yes, we definitely possibly maybe will have to cover in the next month at least three new mags (and counting), all with their roots in the 'porn' world. If not by theme, it's because of the names of the talented people who contribute to them. Quite an amazing density, if you consider the numbers of the community.

Populated as it is with sexy and talented people such as Seddy, of course!

In this magmatic scenario, it is of course extremely important for each magazine that wants to go past being purely a vanity project to find its ground and give readers something unique. And SL Connoisseur in the person of its publisher and owner Edvard Taurion strives to do exactly that, by providing material fully exclusive to the magazine, photo productions that you won't see in other publications, with their staff photographers showing full commitment to the product and to the magazine readers. You won't have the same menu as other magazines with Connoisseur, certainly not made by the same cooks!

SL Connoisseur #7 (April 2016)

One more from the covergil, because, it's not Monday yet but(t)....

But what IS on the menu this month? Well, the interest of us readers on the Sexiest Blog is of course on the hot scantily clad girls, and what possible best choice than our blog editor herself Serenity Kristan-Faulds? Cream Release's centerfolds, like any great centerfold, have always been the "Woah, gonna get this mag and check this out!" type of photoshoot, and Sere is the type of bodaceous babe that seems engineered exactly to be on the pages of gentlemen's mags.

Laura spreads for us too!

But you know Connoisseur by now, and you know that there's more than the eyecatching cover girl in it. In fact, the Pet of the Month for this issue is none other than the celebrated artist Laura Demonista, shot in her magazine debut by Onisa Lundquist. Laura who is scheduled to grace the pages of the magazine with much more than a one-shot modeling gig, as she will employ her multi-awarded photography skills in conjunction with all the wit and imagination she is known to pour in the written word as well, starting next month.

Ed interviewing yet another of the most popular furniture makers on the scene.

SL Connoisseur from its inception has been 'a magazine to read', and that's logical considering the background and experience of its founder. I am just gonna mention the name of 'our own' Seddy Constantine as one of the featured designers, but you know that thanks to Edvard's direct involvement in addition with the final contributions by Isle, Athena, Whims, Racheal, you'll see another issue full of content.


And the new staffers Melina Levee and Kristina Deschanel, also Executive Technical Editor of the magazine, are going to bring a fresh perspective and, as Edvard wrote in the foreword 'stories and interviews with much more depth and quality'. Check out SL Connoisseur, in-world, in any of the many kiosks (here for instance!) , through the message history of the group, asking Ed directly (he loves feedback and also refers communication with the readers as one of the driving forces behind every issue) and enjoy!

Feel free to contact me for your magazines, movies, SL projects, and see them published on the blog !

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