Friday, April 29, 2016

The Pornstars' Rack: Y/N ?

Oh my, it has been a week already, got Aroused yet? See what I did there? Talking about...

Aroused! Magazine

Aroused! Magazine Issue 38

Talking about the erotic magazine of course! The biggest fun by far putting together a magazine like that is to see what the photographers come up with, and in this case, I had a wonderful surprise in the guise of my partner Marika Blaisdale getting very creative with the cover there. I love her talent for this sort of creative presentation.

As the picture says, Ali Lancrae went to great lenghts to get the job done for this issue

But enough already with the private notes, and on to the goods. Aroused! was very happy to showcase and present the work of remarkable artists, covering the many nuances of the 'erotic and porn' scene in SL. Much alike this blog and the Sexiest Pornstars group, which counts amongst its members many who don't consider themselves pornstars but have an interest in the erotic, sensual, unrestrained side of art, Aroused has always offered to its photographers the whole gamut of choices to express themselves, and brought to its viewers the results in their original material.

If my bed would tell 5/21 (Virgil)

Zuby's bed might not have been too talkative, but she surely had plenty to show in Aroused's lenghtiest set to this day

This issue so proudly presents the shoots of some of the most prominent pornstars such as Zuby Gloom, Ali Lancrae, Sandra Palletier who pull out all the stops in their sets, together with the more restrained sensual eroticism brought by Aloyssia Hema and Loly Hallison, plus the dainty portrait views featured by Erika Madazzhatter, Rachel Avro, Sunday Whitewood, and one heartfelt homage from Evangeline Ling to her partner Bella for their anniversary.

 Sin in the Warehouse

It would have been certainly a Sin to keep stocked in the Aroued ! warehouse this set by Sandra...

I appreciate a lot the way the artists have incorporated so many models in this issue, far from the 'records' of previous issues but all of them appearing in truly memorable photographies. In no particular order, i am talking about Damien Godard, Cream Release, Racheal Rexen, Stacy, Curtis Trevellion, Dargonis Dufaux, Mirko Panacek, Nakuru Bergamasco, Sasquatch Rhino, Virgil, Jake Raven and a lot more not involved in the 'adult' community in the traditional sense!

Sun catching Stacy catching some sun. I know. Capitalization is important.

And with a particular appreciative look at the wonderful photographer and one gracious model so very intriguing in her looks, PJ Thornton shot by Marika, and to the gorgeous Anyka Aiseiri, one of the finest photographers in our scene and a delightful subject for Nicasio Ansar in one of his two shoots, each worth seeing also for the contrast in the beauty of his subjects.

Anyka by Nica. He always picks good ones, I tell you!

We had also the pleasure of presenting the magazine during a Pornstars Party, thanks to the efforts of Yana Grau, during which we received more subscription on the in-world kiosks. If you want to get your copy of Aroused!, it's so easy: just get it from MP, for free! You can also watch it on Issuu (you can access with merely a click on the appropriate icon if you are already logged in G+ or facebook ), subscribe from one of the aforementioned kiosks (such as the one at the Mirage gallery, official gallery of the magazine) , or IM me, or.... C'mon, get it already!

Contact me anytime in-world about Aroused! or any publication , movie, idea for a blog post. I am more than happy to help bring your idea in written form!

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