Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Wanna Flick? If it moves, sex it !

And for today's movie post, some sweet loving. Because, Girls love Boys!

We are talking in this case about one girl, with an extra. Yes, an extraordinary talents in photography, movies, and that consistently throughout her porn career has displayed memorable unique looks. Truth is, Marika Blaisdale made an impact on the porn scene for reasons we have mentioned here on the blog many times, usually when it's time for the monthly release of her creation, Aroused! magazine, and yet not nearly enough.

Second paragraph and I have not yet properly introduced what we're talking about. Well, 'Girls love Boys' is a photography series that is familiar to anyone who browsed even passingly the notices of the Sexiest Pornstars group or the gallery post by Ali, because it has been going on already for almost 8 months, with over 40 sets so far, producing enough high quality photos to fill an art book, and helping us brush up our knowledge of roman numerals.

"Girls love Boys" Series go Motion!
After many episodes and hot action I decided to move the series on. So, basically, it's gonna be also series of movie clips, where girls show some love to boys :)
Warning: shemale stuff inside.

And here's episode 1 in Motion:


As mentioned earlier, Marika is in her element with a videocamera too. The light ambience is there, the inspired choice of camera position as well, only this time you are actually brought into the action; yes her photorealistic style in pictures translates into videos with the results you can see from my poor screenshots but especially by checking out both links, like she pointed out in her second notice

Well, then, there's another part of my series, this time it's kinda combo:
something for those who love pics:
but also for those, who like to watch when "it" moves:
As always: shemale stuff inside.

Marika "

She of course adds that little disclaimer about 'shemale stuff inside'. Porn is about titillation and fantasies, many would say predominantly straight male fantasies. What can I say: Marika gets contacted daily by the 'boys' you see in her photos, and quite a few more who are 'too shy' to appear on camera (or that need to work quite a bit more on their appearance before they can make the cut for a porn shoot: she has the right to be picky!) it certainly appeals to many
But no matter what you feel and where you are or think you are in the sexual orientation spectrum, 'Girls love Boys in motion' is a simple concept, just like in Marika's previous 'Fuck challenge' series, executed with real finesse that as a follower of the arts, I am sure you will find reason to appreciate, and a simple perv, you may find quite hot, more than you'd initially imagine. Cuz c'mon , dat ass and dem tits.

Thank you to the handsome Ozcard Darkfold (video 1 / part XXXVII ) and BC Mags (video 2 / part XLI), and now, just  enjoy the movies, after the jump!
Write to me about...stuff! I love to help promote your work, thank you!

Girls Love Boys in Motion Series Episode 1 

Girls Love Boys in Motion Series Episode 2 

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