Thursday, April 7, 2016

Wanna Flick? Jungle Surf

For today's nawty vids coverage, it's easy to guess who the director is...

Yes, Dillon found another way to drive a new vehicle: make a movie involving it! The guy is sick, I tell you. Can't say anything about his taste in actors, though, as he assembled for this a teame of porn vets (altho not quite exxxpendables), and tosses them in the jungle for a mysterious mission!
I am sorta holding back on the details, because like in a few of Dillon's fun-spirited movies, there's a certain element of throwback to cult classics, and some surprise serves them better. Suffice to say, the mission might not go as planned...

Not just because it's the wrong time of the month for Carly to be on duty, but also because the jungle hides mysterious, sharp-clawed menaces.

Yes, I will go on pointing out in complete seriousness what the screenshots easily say by themselves: the actors you can see here did a terrific job with their playful but in-character army outfits, and the scenery offered by the now well established members-only access location Surfers Bay, is simply perfect. The versatility of the place makes it possible to shoot a variety of movies, as you will see in the next days.

Dillon has plenty of fun in here, and having been on the set during shoot, I can certainly praise his clever planning of the various sequences during various days. He 'porns up' simple but well articulated storylines creating many sex vignettes that gave everyone in the cast good moments of hot action.
This movie does not have a real happy ending, as Dillon gets the girl but doesn't get the vehicle, which I am sure disappoints him. Not saying he'd have traded one for the other, but...

You certainly recognized in the cast the prominent porn actor Larry Vinaver, and I am using this chance to also mention another movie he recently took part in.

Erinyes Celestalis is growing more and more confident in the use of all the directing tools. One part she enjoys , as she cites, is the soundtrack editing, and it's certainly worth keeping your ears peeled for the moans and the music beat. Even if of course, it's one type of 'beat' that you'll find yourself paying attention to...

Hope you enjoy! Besides the obvious turn ons...I love making the soundtracks to these videos!

*much love!*

The direction showcases the actors just in my favourite way for a porn video, with a particular attention to the expressions, even in full view, but also very well calibrated and composed shots. The camera movements are minimal and not distracting, and while the light appears uneven especially with the jpg compression of, it works in the actual video.

So, all in all, the message is always the same: go watch Larry fuck! With Erin in this Night Surf, with Partee in The Jungle, and enjoy all the efforts of the other cast members there, from the ebony beauty Marika Blaisdale I am obviously partial about, to Carly and Dillon, to....well, whoever is in that! After 'The Beach' and 'The Jungle', I am looking forward to 'The Lake', 'The Tundra' and 'The Temperate Deciduous Forest'.

Hit me up inworld, I like making blog posts and such! I know, whatever...But it can be nice for you too to be featured! Or something. Also, by Gawd, hit HD on the player!

The Jungle 

Night Surf 

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