Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Wanna Flick? A Taste of the Caribbean

Here's the latest from a filmaker who can hold a candle to everyone else in the business, but should legally not be allowed to !

Yesterday saw the release of a new episode in Isabelle Cheviot's 'A Taste of' series, where Isa gets together with yet another female talent from the adult industry...and in this case, does bad things to her!

"A bit darker visually and in tone than most of my films, but completely intentional. Come watch Aerala get what she deserves..."

I don't know what Aerala has done to deserve this, but Isa uses a carrot-and-stick method with her. No actual carrot used, but...she sure gets her share of treats. And sticks.

The series has showcased so far no less than thirteen different actresses, and if anything it is a perfect testament to Isa's directorial range and ability to get something new and often uniquely attuned to the focus of each video. Some of the series instalments have the actress cover a befitting 'porn' persona, some have been sunny and cheerful, some have been dark and sensual like this, with different declinations of sensuality and degrees of 'darkness', with this one standing out as maybe 'the' darkest. In a good way!

Sunny and cheerful I mentioned, and the Dog Star Productions release immediately preceding this one has that type of mood already in its title, and again features a fresh face in porn, who gets a shot thanks to Isa's efforts.

Yep, not the titular 'queen' , Dreamy ( Dreamz4you ) who we have already seen in the milestone 50th movie from Dog Star, Heaven, but her co-star and pool boy hunk Scotty ( scottr07 ). One actor we'll see again in more productions very soon...I have first hand (and not just!) knowledge of that.

It's obviously the very unique look of Dreamz to set the tone and add flavour to this movie. Whereas in 'A taste of Aerala' Isa breaks out the toolbox -quite literally!- in a girl-girl video with a haunting and somewhat unmusical score that turns the moans of pain and pleasure into the haunting 'real' soundtrack of a movie so full of passional and visual chiaroscuro, THIS movie is one lovely fuck-and-suck-fest to the pace of reggae tunes!

Well actually a lot of the 'rhytm' in this movie is also moans...and clapping noises of bodies clashing, and much much lip service!
Filmed with a less problematic and Barry Lyndon-esque light than A taste of Aerala, 'Caribbean Queen' is on the opposite spectrum of Isa's production, and since it's kinda my thing to pair up 'contrasting' movies, here's my presentation. But poor screenshots are as usual even poorer substitute for the real deal, so just go watch them both. After the jump!

And let me know if you wish to have your movie, magazine, project of any sort ...covered. Here, on the blog. I am always looking forward to your contribution!

A Taste of Aerala 

Caribbean Queen 

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