Thursday, April 21, 2016

Wanna Flick? WB!

Today's movie post is the chance to welcome back home after surgery one of the most professional and overall productive pornstars in our community.

Rikki Sixx aka GiseleHendrix needs to you probably no introduction: even for those not part of the porn scene (what are the odds that you are reading this, though?) you prolly have seen seen her products on Marketplace or considered joining the Surfers Bay sim that is such a photographers hotbed these days. And if you have been in porn for a while, her photo style is characteristic and memorable and she has been doing movies for a long while, a handful of those you might still remember made with her previous nom de guerre (same account too) Krystal Steal.

And this post is exactly about her movie production, since there was a week at the end of last year when Rikki uploaded three flicks on her NM page. And if you haven't noticed already by the screenshots, well, they were all pretty impressive.

y favourite of course was the more lenghty and storyline-driven 'The Affair'. Because I love movies with a plot or at least a narrative arc, that allow also the director to insert -if they wish- some humour and personality. And certainly this movie has surprising dialogues.

But also a very hot fundamental premise, with the 'affair' turning into the typical kink-fantasy of a threesome with the husband and the lover. This is so seen from a 'girl' perspective, with the story spanning three days, the 'adultery' justified by the incredibly irritating behaviour of the spouse, and the splendid porn logic resolution.

And of course I need to mention Rikki's co-stars, the versatile Saphero Hotbun, and the 'lover', interpreted by none other than the Dillon Lecker, without a doubt a great casting choice to show the abyss of desperation that poor wife was driven to.

Jokes aside, 'The Affair' is a very well put together production, directed with a firm hand by Rikki in both porn and non-porn parts. It was no small task I am sure to plan a movie like that. And everything about it has a fine, professional, well polished aspect, with nothing that leaves to be desired in the looks of the actors, scenography, and sheer picture quality of the video.

The other videos by Rikki that I am covering have a different approach to the world of porn, being more direct pure visual titillation. One is 'Sexual Rain', a sapphic adventure ideal to make all sort of 'getting wet' jokes I will SO refrain from doing. Rikki and her co-star Akira Lee put together an excellent display, needless to say

A porn flick from start to finish, this is eye candy at its finest. Being SL the somewhat 'dated' medium that it is, often you hear "It doesn't look like it was taken on SL!" as a compliment. With the estranging black set punctuated by raindrops, and the typical Rikki Sixx aesthetic of oily, wet bodies, expressive mesh heads, and skins turned in a full kaleidoscope, this is definitely a video that looks straight from some hentai game - I mean it, again, as a sincere compliment.

So if 'The Affair' was a traditional 'from A to B' movie, and 'Sexual Rain' is a traditional 'T and A' movie (ahem), Rockpornstar is a montage movie. It showcases Rikki in a 'best of' fashion, and doing so works quite well to make flash before your eyes some excellent porn views.

The hunks featured in this compilation are Drey Messmer, Jake Raven, Mack Adams, Tyrone, Lewis Castle and Big John Smith in an orcish avi. Truly a 'best of', as in every glimpse of them you get, you will get that pure, unadulterated 'hot porn' vibe. This video definitely will leave you hungry for more.
But enough now, as I posted already a fuckton of screenshots, and just jump to the movies! In chronological order this is the embed.

The movies are after the jump. You are always welcome to contribute to the Pornstars blog even just with your suggestiosn, I love to feature your work and get your feedback!

The Affair 

This is Rikki Sixxx - Rockpornstar

Sexual Rain 

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