Tuesday, May 3, 2016

The Pornstars' Rack: BritAnni(a)versary!

This week will be full of celebrations. Anniversary issues, too! In particular, I have a good pair coming up. Showing off first, since it's Tuesday...


Brit-X No12 - Out Now!

I am ferociously tempted to just copy Kat Kassner's intro word by word for this post, because she is so thorough and so entertaining in her writing. In fact, since I'd end up only paraphrasing her, there you go, let the quotations begin.... But not before i tell you, just GET the magazine, it's so full to hot photos to look at!


"It brings me great pleasure to present this, our first anniversary issue!
Many things have changed for us over the past year, but (barring a brief break after Christmas) we have continued to bring you some of the hottest girls in Second life, from established Models and Porn Stars to brand new talent scouted on our travels around the grid.

Montana by Laredo
Laredo in an aery rendition of the 'magnifico' Montana!

In an intentional nod to our very first cover, Paige Snowpaw is this month's covergirl, but she is far from being the only returning Brit-X hottie in this mega-szied edition! Chuisle Alecto, Christie Minx, Holly Arkright, Kat Kassner, Katina Cazalet, Roxxxy Foxdale and Racheal Rexen are all right here for your viewing pleasure too! Where are the debutants you say? Brit-X always has debutants! Well, yes, don't panic mr. Mannering (Dad's Army gag in a porno mag!) we have debuts too, from the super sexy Aerala and the magnificent Montana Magnifico!

Katina by Marika
I try not to blog 'my' stuff too much, but the work done by Marika in this shoot was really fruitful!

Marika Blaisdale-Cazalet, owner of Aroused! Magazine and highly regarded SL Adult star - both behind and in front of a virtual camera - presents her first Brit-X photo assignment for Issue 12. It's a privilege to host her work upon our pages. She is joined this month by the talented duo of Dag (aka Gideaninja Dagger) and CC (aussiecc) whose work we are equally delighted to feature! "

Aerala by Dag
At their magazine debut, both Aerala and Dag delivered the goods!

Kat's foreword continues, but you get the idea: you just see the list of models and collaborations to the magazine for this anniversary issue, and I cannot help but feel really privileged to have been a part of it. Throughout the 12 issues of Brit-X and nearly 80 photoshoots, the magazine featured the work of 20 photographers, with Laredo and Kat Kassner doing the majority of the work, and gave exposure to dozens of models, many of them at their absolute magazine debut.

Racheal by CC
The ever gorgeous Racheal Rexen and CC are not stranger to each other artistically, first shoot for Brit-X though!

A huge thanks to Kat and the Brit-X crew for the gift to the adult arts community that this magazine is, and I look forward to all the new exciting initiatives that they will put together! With so many memorable parties having taken place at their now fully renewed sim, there's lots of fun to be had !

I'd like to hear more of your magazine, movie, work for the adult community at large -anytime! Feel free to write me in-world!

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