Monday, May 2, 2016

The Pornstars' Rack: May-be !

It's a new month, and the rack is heavy. It's the time for new releases, starting with...

SL Connoisseur

SL Connoisseur #8 (May 2016)

"Bigger and even better, old and reliable, magazine with tradition that you use to read and enjoy, in May edition!", is the way Edvard Taurion presents the new release of his lifestyle magazine.

SL Connoisseur is a magazine that has its tradition in Edvard Taurion's business roots. Years of experience covering the newest products made his adult furniture review blog a household name, gaining him the collaboration, respect and even friendship of some of the biggest names in adult entertainment. And as our loyal blog readers know, he brought his expertise and contacts to fruition in SL journalism already since a long time, an experience crowned by his magazine established last year.

SL Adult Furniture & Equipment Ad 20160415

Edvard with his Executive Technical Editor Kristina Deschanel, and Photography Editor Cream Release

But Connoisseur not just prides itself to be a magazine with tradition and with an original idea: as it is evident by the names involved, it features an original and exclusive staff, not seen in any other magazine on the scene, characterised by general fluidity in the work arrangements. What did the efforts of the committed and zealous cast of Connoisseur produce this month?

The magazine is full of interviews and posts from various locations and featuring interesting builds

Undoubtably this has been a busy day at home for Onisa Lundquist and Rene31 Aeon. Veterans of the adult scene, they both grant the magazine essential contributions. Rene as roving reporter with light hearted diary of his travels, and Onisa as interviewer in different occasions, and that on top of providing the backbone of this edition with plenty of photos.

The 'Pet of the Month' tradition continues, thanks to Onisa's photoshoots

Including the Pet of the Month photoshoot, with the strawberry tipped Bianca Pinky, no stranger to magazine experiences! But talking about magazine veterans, the highlight of any issue of Connoisseur is to me, as it should for any nawty mag, the centerfold. Louise Kristan-Faulds is the cover model, and Cream Release (in this issue teaming with Edvard himself) is the artist, and you know the results can only be smexy.

Laura shoing us why getting the services of a qualified handyman is a good idea.

And keeping the biggest treat for last, this issue officially marks the first erotic pictorial and story for SL Connoisseur by Laura Demonista, who needs no introduction, but that gets indeed a good introduction in the sex caper written photographed and produced by her, 'The Handyman Story'. If you are one of the many fans of Laura's photos and proverbial eloquence and witticisms, you'll be treated with well laid out literotica with an amusing payoff and pics with atmosphere. Do check that out!

So, all in all, you know I am gonna tell you to go get this magazine. How? Well, again the word to the owner, from his latest group notice about it....

" In world kiosks are great and we really appreciate all our readers picking up magazine at Libido sim, Emily sim, Kiki's sim and all other places where we have them. But since you ask for it, now you can enjoy our Magazine from the privacy of your own SL home and get it for free from SL mp. Here is the link and thank you for reading it :) "

Thanks, enjoy, and everyone: the blog is here for you, just drop me a note if you think i should cover something in particular! bye for now!

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