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The Pornstars' Rack: Top that!

Another Anniversary! It's great to see magazine I begun covering last year, make it halfway through this new one and going strong! Wait, damn, we are nearly halfway through the year? That's depressing... Well so we're talking about...


Well damn it, of COURSE Playhouse had to have a bigger and kinkier anniversary issue. Over 500 pages, by dawg! After the wunderous Brit-X special, here's this post featuring another magazine, quite different in size, scope, way they operate. I interviewed the owner on their very first issue, and now it's my pleasure to let her do the talking again, because, who better than her can tell us why she does it and how? There you have it, an interview with JazmynCrystalStorm !

Jazz officiating her 'hosting' roles through the magazine

- First and foremost, congratulations for your anniversary issue! One year of Playhouse. How are you feeling?

" Oh thank you so much! to put it? Excited? Numb? Surprised? Horny?
Just kidding... It is a bit surreal."

- More to the point, what do you think of this journey so far?

" Like anything you do in life, things that come easy don't seem to be appreciated as much. This journey has been all as challenging as I imagined when I started. I think I appreciate where we are and from where we started, but I also know we have a long way to go to reach the level of excellence I expect."

- Do you think the magazine has evolved in some aspects compared to the first issue?

"Oh absolutely! I looked back at our first issue just the other day and was so critical of what we did. Sure, there were parts that made me smile. Then I saw so many things I wished I had done over."

- What is the best Playhouse-related memory of the year, and if you wish to share, what is the worst?

"For me personally? Being able to celebrate the life of a great friend and amazing heroine in real life. Dedicating an issue to our Nurse Carrie who lost her courageous battle with cancer. In many ways it was our highest moment and our saddest."

The lineup of this current issue, featuring a trifecta of Pornstars group members

- How do you choose the models for each issue, and how long does it take for you to plan and do the shoots you personally conduct? If possible, tell us something about each of the models of this issue: why they here and why are they worth checking out.

"The selection process for each issue is actually the most difficult aspect.: It is a look, a feel, an intuition. There are SO many gorgeous avatars out there. I meet 15 to 25 new faces each month. I do my best to try and shoot them all, usually 30-40 pictures. A typical session takes an hour or two. Sometimes I get referrals from the other amazing photographers in Second Life. The centerfold and cover girl is selected by the monthly contest.

I guess I heard crazier rumours...

For this current issue we got lucky! Pet of the Month Kiara (kiaraslet) is one of the MOST beautiful avatars we have ever seen. She debuted in the previous issue and her popularity has skyrocketed. She has made many appearances in other publications as well.

The gorgeous Sun is always looking radiant as a model, relaxing for once from her photographer duties

Sunday Whitewood is one of Adults most exciting photographers and models. Clare Demonge (clare1.destiny) is another breathtaking vision and very serious about becoming better every day. Carly Rayne (carly.juanos) walked into our studios as a referral from one of the Gods of Photography - Graham Collinson. Carly became a spokesmodel and our Event Director and Manager. Then gemm Diesel. Wow, that girl. One look into her eyes and you are stunned. Wouldn't you know it, she was just voted the June Pet of the Month! So, yeah....lucky! "

Sexiest group member Clare Demonge (Clare1 Destiny) is a standout model in this issue.

- Besides the ones who appeared in this issue, would you like to acknowledge any of the models in particular that made their appearance throughout the year and that impressed you ?

"Every one! ha ha! Ok, you put me on the spot and I apologize to every model i miss! You all can spank me later. Luna (chynnes) our first who unfortunately is no longer in Second Life. She was the ground breaker. Cherish Sky our second Pet another breathtaking model who used this platform to go into High Fashion modeling. Dakota Amore, the Pet of the Year for 2016. Dakota has been off with some personal surgeries in real life but will be back to assume her role. Michaela Vixen (vampbait69) set a new bar.

2015-12-17 Act 11 - Bedroom - On the Bed - Playful 019 (175) 5660x2830

From the January Issue of the magazine, Michaela's gorgeous spread.

Mich came in and was so hot and her talents for photography took PLAYHOUSE to a new level. She shot the first 4 centerfolds this year. She has helped me to become a better photographer as well. Mich is also off on some medical leave but I spoke to her today and she is recovering. I could name every model we ever had. We have had some stellar celebrity guests as well. Rachel Avro, Partee, Jenny Starveling... the list goes on."

And look at how well she takes care of her models!

- I am interested to know if you have plans to change anything for the next year, but actually, even more interested in what will -not- change about the magazine. What are the strongest points of Playhouse in your mind, what can people expect to find reading, or appearing, in Playhouse?

" For the most part the only change I envision is to improve on the 'Polished' appearance of each issue. As we evolve things improve. What won't change is the drive we have to produce a exciting erotic adventure each month. We hope to continue debuting fresh faces and giving women a chance to succeed. We plan on doing more 'Couples based" shoots and for the ladies, I envision doing a full spread with a man. It is going to be something. I am DEFINITELY doing that shoot myself!

Another shot from Sunday's photo spread in this issue

One of our newest Spokesmodels, Nexxka, presented an idea to us. She described a contest for $1000 Linden mnimum to have fans, photographers, anyone submit their best Selfie. We thought WOW great idea! We will print the best of the best and of course the Winner. We are anxious to see the response. One other thing in the works is a 'Girls of Second Life MC's' Ember Wulluf is helping me with the groundwork for this project. I think that will be fun also."

To know more about this project, peek in the notice history of the Sexiest Pornstars group, or contact Nexxka Resident for further info (there's a cash prize, but also a 100 L$ entry fee)

Oh look who I forgot in - both- my May the 4th posts....Jazmyn, at Pleasure Station 69!

I thank very much Jazmyn for being so kind and diligent in her answers. As you read in her answers, there are interesting opportunities for every aspiring model and for photographers too to be noticed. Through this year, Playhouse has featured a variety of models Jaz reminded you about in one of her answers.

Peeking at the magazine's pages, thanks to its policy of publishing quite 'natural' shoots without the embellishment of substantial editing, photographers and filmakers can easily spot new and interesting models having a solid idea of how they would look. And also know that they had at least some experience in the business, and in case of the Pet of the Month, certainly driven to succeed, with a fanbase and with a will to invest (time, if not actual resources) in it.

Enjoy the latest issue, on Marketplace, at the Playhouse sim, or just contacting JazmynCrystalStorm Resident, always very approachable and ready to talk your ear off!

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