Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Wanna Flick? Pie for everyone!

So, a little update from the movie side of things! Today, let's get a ...

This is always one of my favourite series to blog, but what a twist! This is an apocryphal instalment of it! Made by no other than the gorgeous filmaker (actress, photographer, model, squat cobbler), Racheal Rexen!

Isa did not get to star in many movies from other directors, other than her very beginnings and the credit roll in one of Ravi's features. But it is only fitting that it's Racheal making her re-debut as an actress, homaging the series that helped Isa showcase so many talents in the business, giving her a chance to be on the other side of the silver screen.

This is Racheal's fifth movie already, the first one under the new name of her studios, from Silken Kitty to Porn Kitty Studios.
An actress whose presence always enrichens a production, she always tries to give back to the community what she feels she has received, and to involve different people, getting better every time. While we were discussing this movie after the release, she was already singling out, thanks to some constructive criticism that she accepted with extreme humbleness, the areas where she would like to improve, in particular audio quality in some spots.

But Racheal is already doing wonderfully (as Isa put it in her blog post about this flick: "Racheal continues her growth in film and is really becoming a force in SL pornography"), and she seems to have found her way in moviemaking. Her movies take all the right steps to set a playful erotic situation, directed with a firm (but not stiff!) hand. Racheal's quirky humour has always been so very apparent from her photographic production, and a constant, surprising presence in all her movies. Even if you read the description of her new in-world group for Porn Kitty Studios, you'll find glimpses of it.

The movie's nature of a recognition and thank you to Isa is sanctioned by its credits section, complete with a bona fide tribute to her, where Racheal gave a chance to the cast and to some of Isa's collaborators on the Dog Star blog to say something about the influence Isa has had in their porn career and life.
Ready to die for her!!
Well, of course I am joking.

No such thing as gruesome on-screen deaths in porn.


Amongst the performers (I am not gonna mention how sexy Isa and Racheal look, as we have a buttload of snapshots and a film 'career' easily getting into the triple digits between the both of them, and the redhead doesn't stink up the joint either), I am going to give a special mention to a certain girl...

Coming from a fashion and more mainstream photography background, Sunday Whitewood has distinguished herself for a very active and enthusiastic foray in this adult industry world. She does brilliantly with her party photos, with the pictorials for her erotic flickr, magazines (-cough-...Aroused....-cough-) and obviously Isa's blog! And this is not her absolute porn debut in a movie.

Certainly it is a memorable one, though. Again the 'A taste of' series is a rollercoaster of themes and styles. In her blog post, Isa used Sun's photography as support of her own images. On the other hand, I am posting just screenshots, because this is in a lot of ways one of Isa's more visually artistic movies, with occasional choices in the effects department that are very much 'photographic'.

And at the same time, the setting, the special focus on the dialogical relation between the two characters make the mood of this movie almost like one of those essay French movies....yeah well, just with everyone shaved and not smoking. But when the action kicks in, it REALLY does. This movie has probably some of the best sapphic sex sequences in any of Isa's movies - which,  even coming from such an unreputed source as myself, is meant to say a lot, from a director who already did so many.

And Sunday's look is just beautiful. Personal opinion, it just works really well on a few levels, and , I use this line often, Isa did her best to showcase the actress to her strenghts.

So did Racheal, though! Both can be proud of their efforts, and I tell you , you should really watch these movies. You guessed it, after the jump.

This jump here! Let me know if you wish to arrange a movie post, or something to that effect, because I love to

Taste of Isa 

A Taste of Sunday 

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