Thursday, December 1, 2016

The Pornstars' Rack: All I Want From Xmas

Oh man, the whole idea that Xmas is coming is so unsettling to me! But it is, and we have magazines to prove it. Such as...

SL Connoisseur

You have to appreciate the amount of work that goes into making a magazine in SL. There's the planning and organization, especially for magazines like this who need a great degree of collaboration and help promote business. There's the photo aspect, and the writing. And then, you need to make everything fit in a magazine! It doesn't exactly happen by itself!

The SL Connoisseur release parties get increasingly popular: put your sexiest outfit on and get in a paparazzi shot!

That's why the work of an 'Executive Technical Editor', as they chose to call it here, is essential, and ever since her debut in the April issue, Kristina Deschanel has been a vital part of the magazine. She gets 'the Cream Release treatment' in this issue, and what else can se say about it? She is a gorgeous Santa in the centerfold and cover, and Cream always does beautifully.

Congratulations to Jinx Beverly for a beautiful display as Pet of the Month!

Kristina's contribution to this issue is even bigger than usual, actually. On top of the technical editor task and the party photos that open on a joyous note this issue like the previous and a precious work providing photography for Edvard Taurion's interview with one of the top furniture designers in SL ( I hope you took advantage of her huge Thanksgiving sale last week...) , Kristina also is the photographer for the Pet of the month centerfol!

"My kingdom for a horse" , Richard III said. Sure, let him have the horse, I'd rather have Kayla!

High praise for Kristina then, who didn't just rest on her laurels (well, or mistletoes) and put in the extra work for the issue, but the whole staff of Edvard's magazine without a doubt is a highly committed and determined bunch, providing content exclusive to SL Connoisseur on a monthly basis. So, besides Edvard himself with an interview and feature, we have Kayla Bombastic reporting from la "Maison d'Amitie", with her splendid photography well on display together with her fluid and charming writing.
We have Laura Demonista's contribution with her keen photographic eye and way with words. We have another girl who distinguished herself for multiple features in the past issues, Onisa Lundquist, appearing here with another interview.

With Laura Richards closing the magazine, you always wonder which is more erotic, her words or her pics!

And Onisa will be your dj for the now customary release party cum raffle that SL Connoisseur throws at KL. I don't need to say anything more about it, do I? Show up today December 1st at 11 AM SLT here at this URL, you'll end up in the mag and who knows what sort of possibilities will open for you!

And of course, let's not forget the most important part: get Connoisseur from the marketplace store!

To schedule a post on the Pornstars blog, simply contacting me, Katina Cazalet, inworld, is enough! Let me know when you are avalaible!

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