Thursday, January 5, 2017

The Pornstars' Rack: Resolutely into the New Year!

Happy New Year, and happy reading (and perving) those SL magazines! As usual, I am happy to bring with the kind collaboration of mr. Taurion a quick summary of...

SL Connoisseur

It's a new year, SL is taking in the new Bento craze as we already ran out of the new prims for our lands, and seems we are in to stay! Many new magazines will appear this new year, but I am truly delighted to see the ones established in the past still thrive and find new motivations to go on with their business and put together month after month new material. It's the case of course of SL Connoisseur.

Marcus is a name truly familiar to the porn partygoers: look the magazine up for more, surprising featured designers!

The journey of SL Connoisseur continues with its core of well motivated staffers who turn in every month some really noteworthy photography work.
The editorial aspect of the magazine is always interesting. It features Edvard Taurion's famous reviews in new and expanded format. This issue delves further into the house department, which will be a permanent added focus. It's the latest example to how this magazine takes steps to better capture the interest and desire expressed by readers. It also brings an encounter with a personality such as Marcus Perry (who is also a first class director for those who may have missed out his work), plus Onisa Lundquist's fashion interviews

This sensual tale with Laura and Sev will make you wish it was Xmas everyday!

Almost every mention of the content of the magazine has to include the first rate pictorials by Cream Release. No matter how scarce her time in SL and pressing her commitments in RL have been, Cream always delivered the most gorgeous photospreds with the high profile members of the adult community featured each month. This month being the turn of a very underrated model and a true pioneer of creative photography, working magic with bodies and faces long before bento or even mesh came around. I am talking of course of Dokie!
And it's always a must to mention the 'gran finale' of every issue. This month with Laura Demonista's pictorial doubling up on sexiness thanks to the inclusion of Severina (Lanisonia), more than just a dancing partner in the highly acclaimed Debauche dance troupe.

When you see a Temp send a photospread like this, you can't help but hire her!

The Pet of the Month photo spread this time is the debuting work of one notable member of our community who has been making an impact lately with her modeling (and some of you also had the chance to appreciate her dj skills!): I am talking about TemptedPassion aka Temp, who is killin' it with her excellent photography.
And well, I lauded many times already Kayla Bombastic's wordsmithing, managing to be both descriptive and imaginific in the reports. The same goes for her photography, capturing many slices of the sim of choice for the month, but adding in the amusement. And in the issue she takes Johnny for a ride...a dangerous one!

You will find Kayla in the next issue...The doctor didn't put her or Johnny in a cast.

SL Connoisseur throws some pretty fun parties each time, and since a few issues it has been showcasing the fans attending them, thanks also to the impeccable photography by Kristina Deschanel, again in this issue providing support photos and the editing work for pagination of this mag.

The party is today Thursday 05/01 
at this SLURL,with DJ Onisa !

(do i need to add that there's a raffle  going on? When Ed throws a party, you know the sponsors are in!)

So, without further ado: Check out SL Connoisseur, get it from one of the many kiosks, better yet today at the party, or anytime from the marketplace store!

To schedule a post on the Pornstars blog, contact Katina Cazalet inworld !

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