Thursday, August 3, 2017

The Pornstars' Rack: August Angst!

In this hot summer, WAY TOO DARN FREAKIN HOT SUMMER, to make matters worse here's another hot mag, talking of course about the newest issue of...

SL Connoisseur

No rest for the wicked and no cooldown time for Edvard Taurion's magazine and his staff, who brings exciting shopping and sightseeing tips for your SL free time. Shouldn't SL technically all be 'free time' ? Not quite, many of us seem to find ways to keep busy in here even more than in our RLs, and the staff here is a prime example! A magazine is quite a leading gig for people to take part to, and you can see the effort put in by the owner and the different editors for this product.

Remember: in the summer it is important to shield your head away from the sun, wear a hat or scarf!

You are not surprised, right? A lot of work in media and entertainment business gets done at....parties! And that's why SL Connoisseur makes a point to hold a monthly release party for the new issue. Where you can win raffle prizes and most importantly, where you can meet the staff, network and be noticed. And have a sure spot in the next issue, like it happened to all those who attended last time. With the added honors for one lucky Party Star of a full photo feature done by the party photographer and capable technical editor, Kristina Deschanel. This time the life of the party is Alessandra Borgia (Alessandraheels).

Lesley has provided for already several issues her valuable contribution as interviewer and mannequin!

But the magazine gets quickly serious and all business when it comes to provide the reviews about furniture, housing, and decor by Edvard Taurion, with the same quality you'd expect on his blog but with way more lepidoptera. And there's the fashion show and interview by Lesley Aristocrat, and then a refreshing report by Tegan Malone, (you know she is wonderful and we'll soon have an exhibition with her work at the Dog Star Gallery? Just thought to throw that in!) straight from a sim with over 40 tabletops to play! Well maybe the magazine IS all fun and games after all!

Couldn't miss showing a super-summery image from this month's centerfold sot by Tegan!

Have I missed anything? Oh yeah, all these advices for your gaming and shopping trips, and all these interviews to read...all of that feels much better with some HOT GIRLS, right? And there you have them, with the centerfold shoot done again the wonderful centerfold from last month Tegan Malone, this time featuring Manda Xiahou (amandabow). And with Leannan McCormick (Sufferingfrom Lockjaw) doing another excellent photoshoot for the Pet of the Month feature, with model Kitty Sonja Yalin (Sonja Urquan)

"Pet of the month", sounds very appropriate in this case, as captured beautifully in this photoset!

And Suff is scheduled to be your dj for this party, starting at 11 AM SLT. Raffle prizes, photo chances (and certainties!) and a nice way to spend some of your SL with relax (or naughty!) fun.

. Check the magazine out here

And to have your upcoming events or any kind of work relevant to the adult community featured in an article in the blog, just hit me up inworld or in a comment!

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