Wednesday, July 27, 2011


With over 150,000 views, Emanuelle Jameson's THE BEAUTIFUL ONES has become Second Life's most popular adult film of all time. Here she is in a scene with Ryce Skytower for the film.

I went on the other day when I was looking at all the Director's Links. And I was shocked to see that some of my videos had taken off in views.

One of mine, THE BEAUTIFUL ONES has just passed 150,000 views. That's right 150,000!

I looked around and that makes it the The Most popular Second Life Adult film ever.

So thanks to Ryce and Ainsley for being a part of it. It was so much fun to make!!

THE BEAUTIFUL ONES was Ainsley Wirefly's debut. It is now the most watched Second Life adult movie of all time
And thanks for all the views. You know I love it when you watch :)

Of course, you can watch one more time. Because we've got THE BEAUTIFUL ONES in an encore showing right after the break. Just click READ MORE below

THE BEAUTIFUL ONES directed by/starring Jennnnna Jameson. Also Starring Ryce Skytower and Ainsley Wirefly

Second Life's most famous porn star, Jennnnna Jameson and hot newcomer Ainsley Wirefly, meet the most beautiful men they've ever seen. What follows is one of the sexiest SL films of 2010- with lots of oral, anal, teen, doggie, and hardcore sex and cum.

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  1. Gee, you mean you filmed us having sex? This is really hot!

    - Ryce