Wednesday, April 15, 2015

The Sexiest® Pornstars Of The Day - Official Gallery : April 15th

You and me Baby Ain't nothing but mammals.... so lets do it like they do it on the Discovery Channel.... Yep I know I'm a dork and damn proud of it but ain't we all lol okies so not as big a post as I was hoping for but I'm fighting to stay awake tonight to finish this for you :) so here's mah Sexiests picks for HUMP DAY OH YEAHHH BABY, Bring on the humping...... what are you waiting for get your sexy asses to perving lol.......

what did one camel say to the other "Oh baby Your Hump is so fine I just gotta make you mine" LOL ok so jokes ain't mah thing but the pic says it all Hump day baby!!

Ready for your Bed by Ana Emerald

Best Of Both Worlds by Louise Kristian-Faulds

Kei By ARnnO

Modesty by Marika

You Asked For This by Laura Richards

Street Car Named Desire by Jewell Infinity

Desire... By Seddy

Racheal - Elevation by Flux Afterthought

Sorry about my Camel Joke but it had to be done, I hope you got a laugh out of the first one and fapping material from the rest these are your Sexiest Pornstars (Not including the Camels ofc unless you count camel toes LOL) for your Hump Day Edition....

Kisses, Licks, Sucks & Fucks 
Your Dirty Little Girl 

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