Monday, April 20, 2015

Travis Wagner's '60 seconds'

I already had the chance to mention Travis Wagner's superb work showcasing the beauty of models in his music videos, and if you haven't seen his fantastic '60 seconds with...' series, at the bottom of the post you'll see 5 (6 actually!) great reasons to do so.

They have names, and you all know them as SL porn stars and hot models...

 - two of them are actually up against one another for the Sexiest Female Model award this weekend. Rawr!

 But everyone here looks jaw-droppingly awesome in these videos, and when you watch them one after another (it won't take you much longer than....5 minutes?) , you'll appreciate even more the creativity Travis puts in this, not just relying on a single visual gimmick, as effective and stylish as it looks, but introducing all sorts of variations to it keeping it fresh and fun to watch.

I asked him to tell us more about this series' idea, and here you have what he had to say!

"So the idea came to me when I saw how connected and prolific the SL photography community was on Flickr. "

"The Machinima community, in addition to being a fraction of the size, largely goes unnoticed now that is gone and is changing financial models, which is incredibly frustrating considering how much time and effort can go into a video."

"Flickr allows for uploading video (although the filesize is limited) so I thought it would be a good way to increase exposure. "

For sure (Thanks Travis for the writeup!) and we love to give it more exposure here on the blog too!
I wanted to title this post 'Travis Wagner does you in a minute or so', but then i changed my mind.

Altho, I must say ...Flickr is a c*nt when it comes to embedding videos tho, sadly, so no jump with vids included, but links to Travis' flickr for your viewing pleasure. If you can't access flickr, let me know and we'll see if we can work on it. :-)

Oh, but first, had to put more photos of a wet Racheal, because you wanna.

If you are a filmaker, or an actor, producer, etc. etc, talk to me, I wanna know more!

Episode 1: Saskia Ingram

Episode 2: Be

Episode 3: Seddy and Moonie

Episode 4: Spirit Demure-Rust

Episode 5: Racheal Rexen


  1. VIMEO!!!! he has a lot of his work posted on if I spelled it right LOL god I hope I did lol his link but sadly these vids here are not on it but his other great pieces of work are maybe we can pinch his sexy talented ass to put the 60secs series on Vimeo as well :P

    1. Yes, "60 seconds with..." as Travis says is a project meant for Flickr, which sadly don't let me embed directly on the blog. Most of us have flickr, luckily, but if he'd be willing to upload the clips on Vimeo too, cool. :-)

    2. They are all up on vimeo now as well. Sorry, I didn't know Flickr was the headache for linking that it is.