Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Wanna Flick? IDP's Steak and BJ!

Always glad to receive quality material from filmakers helping us putting together a post, and I so happily oblige! Today on the menu (after all the fish, and thank you for that), we have ...

I fancy the menu already, sounds saucy and great for your protein intake!

There you have from Suff and James:


James Wolfgang
Leannan Wolfgang
Daimaju Clowes
JayJay Coronet


Nina Tempest-Wolfgang
Jewell Inifinity
Flux Afterthought
Robin Rondini
Jane Brown

James and Leannan go out to eat, and he tells her about the holiday that happens that day... on March 14th! 

 Nothing like a hot blowjob while you eat your dinner in the middle of crowded restaurant!:)

First and foremost, massive thanks to the Wolfgangs for providing the material for this post, with the screenshots too. What can I add to this? Well, you all know and appreciate the work that goes in the productions from In Da Pink, and how they drive across their lighthearted and naughty plot through something the majority of SL porn studios don't offer, and that is, voice acting. 

It's great to see someone bring that dimension to the scene, but of course, the movie is very enjoyable also in those moments when the lead actress can't really 'talk'. Since, you know. Mouth full. You got to the punchline before I even began attempting the joke, right? Darn it.

Well, please enjoy the movie in its entirety, here embedded in its Xtube version, but avalaible also on Naughty Machinima !

<iframe src='' frameborder=0 width='640' height='480' scrolling=no name='xt_embed_video'></iframe><br /><a href=''>Steak and BJ Day</a> powered by <a href=''>XTube</a>

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