Saturday, June 20, 2015

Wanna Flick? Late June Edition

Time to have a look at some movies. Yes, more!
But first, a couple of 'public service announcements', as I briefly remind you about two movies who enjoyed a recent repackaging , for different reasons, released on Redtube.
These are of course 'The Workout' by Ves featuring himself and Asari, now with a different, 'director cut' montage with a longer intro,

and Carla Draesia's directorial debut, 'The Beach', featuring Leonardo Di Caprio an a great song by the All Saints! Ok, no...maybe not that last bit, and I have also to show my age, mentioning groups that were big 2 decades ago.
Oh well, just messing with ya, but Carla DID reupload the movie in better, HD quality, so DO check it out! There's Prince in it! Seriously! My original post on it is here, and you can see the marked improvement in resolution. Congrats Carla!

Now, speaking of Carla reminds me of a director she worked with quite a bit in the past, and go figure, he just came out a couple days ago with a movie also set poolside on a beach, arguably THE most famous 'beach' in SL porn, as it is the Porn*stars beach, home of the awesome Saturday pool party.

Chances are you are there right now, if you are reading the article as I post it!
So who is he? Who is in this movie, called by the way ' Bitchpool' ?  

Oh, mr. Omer grew a beard! But as different as he looks, he has always a penchant for hot action with busty babes. Case in point...

And oh well, what should be the movie about? Any guess? Why of course they play Marco Polo!

Ooooorrr maybe some different games. Well, even going through a molt, Omer never changes his ways, and so you see poolside exactly the action you'd expect. The movie in fact reminded me a lot of of 'Dirty Jacuzzi' by him, featuring himself and Alucard Batista

There are more movies by Omer out there, but seeing his chinstrap shrubbery reminded me of ...This!



 Damn, Bud Spencer?

Oh dear, I get distracted just a few days and those guys go through a growing spurt. Although, this might be a clever disguise!

Shot and released before the unconventional and funnily titled Abu Daddy, this is another standout flick by Morph, with quite a bit of action going on: the 'abduction' from the title is shot in a very effective way. A little bit of 'story' prepares for the XXX stuff that follows. I had fun watching it and I like to be surprised and seeing what can be done without dialogues from a soundtrack or captions. Ah the wonders of SL props!

It's part of the charme of following this community of videomakers, and I am so glad to watch their efforts and put my two cents in through the coverage on the blog. Ok, and watch muscles, tits, ass and cocks daily and pretend it's for a higher purpose.

But yes, I love to see erotic and different avis at work. It was amusing to see the 2 actresses of 'Bitchpool' and 'Abduction F*cking' in the respective movies, as the last time I covered them, they were in flicks by the other director, Celestria in the VS. Series by Omer, and Francesca (amywickers) in 'Big Trouble in Tight Ass' by Morph.

They both had a great look and I look forward to see them in more movies, their paths crossing again and again.
Enjoy your weekend, your porn party if you are there (I am!) and remember...

And remember to write me if you want to tell me about the movies, magazines, outstanding photoshoot or series you have been in or made I wanna know more !!


Abduction Fucking

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