Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Wanna Flick? Lollipops and Creams

As I was saying, there is out there again a movie starring that French punk with the cheesy smile, but this time he does not direct. The apple is not fallin too far from the tree, tho, because it's a movie co-produced by Meg's HBIC, from 514 Productions. Because yes, it's a movie by Dillon's sexy and cute regular movie-partner, Carly Mode !

Now, for most movies, porn movies, you need just a screenshot or two to see what they are about, right? Well....I dare you.

I dare you!

I hope you all appreciated as I did the first 2 movies by Carly, because this one is even better! Between the songs used (OMG I LOVED THAT ONE, I used to sing it SO LOUD! You know which...) and the outlandish scenario, this video is like the stolen sex tape of Aqua gangbanging Rainbow Brite at the Wonka Factory. Written by Nik Kershaw on poppers. Directed by....whoever directs Lazytown.

On a more serious note: I love this movie, and how rich in visual imagination it is. SL gives us the possibility to do naughty stuff in funny places with a fraction of the budget a RL movie would require in special effects. Which in porn...are never gonna happen. But in SL, why not? It's not even fattening!

Plus as you can see, nothing strange about the sex there: Carly and Dillon look hot as always in what is certainly not their first on-screen encounter, and I look forward to more. Carly does an excellent job filming the sex, as she did in Pornstyle Workout. So don't let my penchant for silliness in screenshot fool you: this is definitely stuff  I can diddle my skittle to. Not telling you that I did. Cuz TMI.

I don't know which project she is gonna try next, but like I said for Dillon, I believe that the only limit is her imagination, because next time she gets a crazy, funny, hot idea, she will find ways to simply make it happen.

And not matter how much sugar is involved, Dillon's smile is always in tiptop shape.

But before I close the post, since we'll be swept into the whole Sexiest Awards thing this weekend (! OMG it's actually happening?), I'd like to feature one more movie in the post, not to fall too much behind. It's a very lazy mental association on my part, but hey, it is a movie involving magic and sweetness. Only , it's....

Yes, yes. Featuring Sexiest Newcomer nominee Cream Release, this is the second episode in a series that debuted in a totally hot fashion with Kara Hawk and Ravenman Skwer, and now brings us two other hot talents..

In the director Isabelle Cheviot's words, from her always excellent blog:

"Cream Release is someone I've wanted to work with for quite awhile and it just never worked out. We finally got our chance and the output is 'Black Magic - Episode 2', with Halo Ewing.

Hope you like it!"

I certainly did, and I hope you will too! The photos are the best commentary to this flick, as you can appreciate Isabelle's excellent choice of angles...

 and how gorgeous and unique Cream's look is, in case you were still not familiar with those (Britannia XXX issue 3 and 1 are good reminder for that, I might suggest!).

Mr. Halo Ewing is the perfect counterpart for her in the role of an artist with a very easy business decision to make.

Even easier is your decision now: enjoy the movies, both, after the jump. Also, look for Carly's notice announcing her movie, you are still in time to get a nice freebie. Be good to candies, and protect them till Halloween!

Or else.

And talk to me if you want your movie featured and I haven't done it yet. I love to cover what is happening in the porn scene!

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Black magic Episode 2

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