Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Wanna Flick? Airbags and hoses!

It's Tuesday, which makes me think topless, which makes me think...ahh, I haven't covered this one yet.

It's the debut movie from Britannia XXX Video! Kat Kassner is no stranger to editing: you can see on her Youtube channel how she put together through the years a variety of very well produced music videos, including the exploits of the spoof girlband "Scorched Shrub", which had a couple of cute cameos by pornstars regulars of Britannia such as Larry Vinaver and Margie Blanco.

In fact, chatting with Kat some time back, I was kinda surprised when she told me that shooting a porn vid like this is to her harder work than doing a music video, but it makes sense when you consider that with sex involved, you have to deal with tricky positioning matters and such.

All I can say is, this video really works well, and it's obvious that being as simple as it appears to be, Kat put a great deal of attention getting the sex right. The actors involved are the beautiful Holly Arkright, one of the sexiest chest advantaged girls on the scene, and the man with the brilliant name, "The Jizz" Jizz Spirt.

I am looking forward to see more of Britannia XXX's sexy projects, including their parties, their, uh, gangbang challenges, and their sim is ALWAYS worth a visit, because, who knows what they will come up with next !

Now, continuing with my catching up process, let's cover a movie for the summer!

Isabelle Cheviot never misses a chance to bring some fun and sexy views to the public, and she surely gets a great mileage out of the parked car washed by two scantily clad babes. 

Hey aren't those chains going to leave a scratch on the paint?

Of course everyone knows how often I work with Rob Roxley - who wouldn't work with him, right? This film also gave me a chance to work with my good friend Nykki Braveheart again - we made a film together a while ago and I'm glad we finally got a chance to make this one. :)


The amount of pure eyecandy this movie offers is unreal. The 'plot' of course is non-existant, but all you need to do is sit back and watch the action unfold. This goes from titillation to lesbian acts, to a threesome, to a uh....

...foursome with a water hose, I guess. Well, I tell you, it's a really entertaining movie to watch, and perfect for the summer!

Enjoy the movies, after ze jump! Also, if you made a movie or are in a movie, just hit me up with an IM and you can help me out putting together posts like this!

Holly vs The Jizz

Holly v The Jizz powered by XTube

Car Wash

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