Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Wanna Flick? Jailpounding

I am always tempted to do reruns in this hot Summer, but there are new and hot movies appearing all the time. And today, very different work from two different directors.

Beginning with what promises to be a series...from director Calveen...

I don't think you need me to tell you what the movie is about, You get the idea pretty soon for sure, with this 'Wife Pounder vol.1' ! Gotta love those porn series!

Stayin true to what they promise, and delivering in style. I remember his 'casting couch'. Was it a whole series? Did it have just the 'flavour' of it? I think it's a very cool idea to let the mind wander there.
I am very glad to see Gingernoel in action here (just check out the screenshots, and think about it...she looks even more irresistible in motion!).

The director and male star Calveen presents a very well crafted product, complete with cool post productions captions, dynamic fadings, and most importantly, a great taste for a good shot and a first rate video department, with fluid framerate and great visuals. You won't be disappointed for sure.

Another self explanatory title now: there you have it, from director (and photographer!) Ooocнo Degυapo aka Dutchvendetta, a movie called... 'Incarcerated and Horny'.

Where a convict ends up getting special attentions from one kinky warden.

I rememember Dutch sending a casting call in group for a lady cop... and Leanna Mai answered, apparently! Good she did, because she looks incredible here!

I am sure that as I did, you will like seeing the original style employed by the director here. The grain used in this movie, the 'dirty' grungy look of photo-like stills , combined with steamy hot action, make for something memorable and very erotic.

The story has a little twist, which I won't anticipate. Let's say that maybe it was a Dallas prison and Bobby Ewing was taking a shower there.

Enjoy both videos, after the jump!

Vids are after this! Hit HD on Naughtymachinima, please, and enjoy them in their top detail!

Thanks, and now, movie time!

Wife Pounder vol.1 

Incarcerated and Horny 

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