Monday, July 13, 2015

Wanna Flick? A Special Call for you!

New week, and new old movies. Today, a couple from InZane Films!

I covered before 'Last call', and now you have 'The Call' ! Different movie, but still featuring mr. Zane and Barbie.

The plot is quite simple: a blonde walks into a bar, and it's not the beginning of a joke, but of a sex romp with a handsome stranger.

A case of "let the screenshots speaks for themselves": I like Zane's directing. He has a real talent for closeups of the sexiest, even Sexiest® quality, often flashing by in his unique editing style.

Lots to admire here as the onscreen couple puts together a dirty , rough, hot performance. The oral sex is especially SO well shot and exciting. As you might have guessed!

Anyway, if groping someone making use of a public phone was not bold enough for you, we have a couple federal crimes happening in the following one...

I suspect "John Doe" is an alias, but what do I know. I'd protect my identity too if I were to have some broad delivered to me wrapped up like pork sausage.

For some reason, I can't help but think of "President Ronnie" here.....

Speaking of pork and sausage, you can guess this movie is not about romantic dinners and walks on the beach: it works very well, tho, and once more mr. Zane's montage, camerawork and framing are very effective in yet another notch in his porn highlight reel. "John Doe" and Gingernicole look good in their roles.

So in short, check out these two movies, and I have plenty more from him that will get coverage this summer, starting and including more work with Barbie.

Hope you enjoy watching porn, because that's what you'll get....after the jump!

The Call 

Special Delivery 

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