Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Wanna Flick? Introductions to the Dark Side

No, it's not a Star Wars post. Sorry.
Gotta keep up with the movies. And the magazines. And....well, let's start covering some movies, shall we!
Today in particular, I like to bring to your action the videos from Albatrosss. Yes, with 3 s. We are on the JennnnnaJameson blog, can't really argue about extra consonants, can we? Speaking of celebrity sound-a-likes....

Albatrosss' Alba Studio have been seen in porn already years ago. Not a really prolific director, Albatross has shown constantly through his production beginning with Amsterdamned a nice taste in models, with just that little amount of preparation that allows you to get the feel of how hot she is. Like in the opening of this "The Dark Side of the Stairs"

My new BDSM video. Tiacarerra had found the dark side of the stairs and masculine man quickly bound her to the doggy machine. She couldnt escape and was used for carnal pleasure. Enjoy it =)


I really dig the way Alba set up his avi making his mesh avi characterized and unique, and Tia has a great look going for her as well. And what about that smexy doggy machine, hmm? So chromed and everything!! Ok, i am going a bit too far now. But seriously, the dusky atmosphere of this flick is quite fetching, and those ass shots of Tia on the titular staircase are drool inducing.

And just a while later, Alba Studio came out with another release. I like a man who can do a double like that ! Ok this definitely sounds dirty.

Speaking of sounding, this video certainly has one of the most intriguing audio track used in porn so far. That's without counting the synthetic voice at the beginning, too. (Reminded me of an old Phil Sidek project....with another hungarian too ) 

The gorgeous hungarian Karinmarine has never taken part in the sl porno. She hesitated for a while, but I persuaded and she finally decided to perform her first role.


 You can see how Alba shoots this hesitant (*coughs*) debutante here, from these few screenshots. Really cool creative angles, in a classic casting shoot scenario that never fails to entertain. Don't you love when there are such good introductions with fresh meat for the business?

So, what are you waiting for? These need to be seen, and heard. Please enjoy the movies, on NM in their full glory, or embedded here, after the jump!

Hit me up with infos about your projects and suggestions about what you'd like featured on the blog!

The Dark Side of the Stairs 

Introducing Karinmarine

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