Sunday, November 15, 2015

Wanna Flick? Foxy Fun

What's up in the movie world? Besides the usual big output from a couple notorious directors, I had the chance to peek at two interesting efforts, one from a newcomer director and one by an experienced virtuoso. Let's have a look first at...

Hey everyone, hope ya'll had a great weekend. Just uploaded my new video.Make sure to check it out. Gn!! :)

Tristan Steele (in-world name: Propilot14 ) has debuted in group with photography earlier this year, taking initiative and even getting going his Sybian photo series involving others, not to mention, acting! Now he chose to get his feet wet with some fiming, and this 'Shower fun' is the result.

Bath time

Tristan and his shower, on Flickr

And what a good debut that is! Tristan picked a really suave tune to be his soundtrack, and the atmosphere in this video is truly a perfect fit. As you can surmise even from my usually poor snapshots, Tristan has a great sense of what makes a hot camera shot.

 Lots of sexy angles and he paces himself well not letting the action drag but not cutting away too fast either. Very good transitions , and the camera movements, which are arguably one of the hardest parts to master, are kept wisely at a minimum. I am sure most of you watching wouldn't be able to tell it's a debut movie.

In fact, a shower sex scene may not seem a huge challenge to bring on screen, but without the inspired choice in montage and filming - including the interaction with the objects in the foreground- the material would certainly not be as endearing. Well, and to further help....

... the avis are hot! Congrats to Tristan and Isabella Steele for the great display!

Now on to the more experienced: ah, I always enjoy seeing what Drakaina Lamia (lamia69) is up to. The multitalented 'female dragon of Second Life' with her quite characteristic look, is also entirely characteristically doing some mischief this time too.

After quite a long summer break *drakaina Lamia Studio* is back with a new short movie, titled Fox:

Yes, Lamia is not as elusive as other dragons, and in fact this is one of those cases of her treating us with a video. And it's of course a beautifully executed scan of an intimate encounter she has, in this case with a shemale by the name of Raziel. With a little twist too. The scene is filmed at Pino1951, a mainstay for Lamia's videos and one of those locations who are so camera friendly.

There's always due to the nature of the avatars involved a truly unique and 'magical' feel to Lamia's work. I mean, I don't think all that penile glow is sign of anything contageous (gulp). Lamia is an expert at letting the camera explore the action from every angle and she doesn't shy away from doing it this time either.

Not only Lamia's videos have a real brio, but the picture quality is excellent, and it certainly is a tricky affair, to shoot avatars with such distinct features. It sure makes the spectacle more memorable, tho!

And if the videos were not enough, Lamia also put some photo evidence of her naughty endeavours on her flickr account. A different perspective, more than screenshots. Which i love , I really like to see the difference between what happens on camera meant to be filmed, and what is vice-versa frozen in a snapshot.

FOX - The Machinima

FOX - The Machinima

As usual you can see more of her on her Naughty Machinima account and that wordpress site of hers !

And now, since I managed to refrain from making jokes about a certain tv network and about a character from a show some of the viewers at this point could have learned from their parents of, not to mention the most annoying dance tune in years, let me just say, the movies are out there, check them after the jump.

And to talk to me about your movies, magazines etc, just let me know! I'd love to make a post about those!

Shower fun 


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