Monday, November 9, 2015

Wanna Flick? The Importance of Role Models

Of the many movies I can cover today for the usual movie highlight feature of the blog, I am choosing one from the vaste catalogue of Isabelle Cheviot. Specifically, her latest 'Model Girlfriend'.

" A lingerie model, her boyfriend, and photographer (played by Rachel Avro) show up for a photo shoot. Watch what happens when Rachel puts down the camera. Model Girlfriend is a collaboration of Rachel Avro and I. Hope you like it!

XO - Isa "

SL Relationships 101...

Why this movie? Well, first of all, I DO have to start somewhere, sheesh. And second...Oh, well, today happens to be the Rezzday of the star Rachel Avro!

Any presentation by me of this gorgeous blonde would be overkill, considering you already read it on these pages literally dozens of times, with Rache's incredible series of movie partecipations, magazine appearances, and all that, especially as her photography becomes more and more popular! So, instead of repeating myself further and talk up her bewitching looks, punctuality and avalaibility, not to mention her extremely friendly and docile yet focused personality, I leave the task to the director of the movie Isabelle !

"Rachel has been in a few of my films and as she expanded into photography I thought it would be great to do a collaboration. The result I think came out really well. Her sense of style set the tone for the whole film. Her pictures really fit into the film nicely and I think give it a sense of realism. But most importantly of all she's so amazingly gorgeous!"

So, big congrats to Rache for this appearance, and I hope she doesn't get big headed after yet another successful movie! Ha, ziiiiing.You know I had to say it.

But I am not highlighting the movie (just) for Rache's on screen appearance as actress, mind you. As suggested by the description, this movie implements nicely a concept I am a fan of: a collaboration between a machinima artist and a photographer, bringing the photo work to the movie editing room (oh, although you should check Isabelle's flickr too, as she surely know how to get a sexy shot).

Isa The Model

Picture by Rachel Avro, used also in the movie

I had the pleasure to be on the set of another movie employing this sort of cooperation in the past, with a Kristan-Faulds affair between Sere's filming and Louise's on-set pics. It was meta as fuck , I tell you!
With so many photographers and eclectic artists on the scene in general, it's I think a very cool concept to see more of these collaborations happen, from movie posters to in-world artwork.

The movie also stars the handsome 'Hot'Rrob Roxley. Rob's importance in Isabelle's movies can never be overstated, and I would suggest you to go to Isa's first episode of the monthly feature about her actors (her whole blog is great for people like me who are looking always for informations).
You can never go wrong with a cast like this, quite frankly. And Isabelle brings inspired, erotic views and one of the best WTF? moments in recent memory.

...Rob is quick to embrace the new situation, tho. It IS porn after all. He might just have needed to wipe his shades clean after all the fun.

Congrats to everyone involved, and again a HAPPY REZZDAY to the lovely Rache Avro. Aw , I know this will date this post tremendously, even more than my Saved by the Bell references date myself, but come on.

Enjoy the movie, after the jump.
And contact me for anything blog-related if you wish to have some of your work featured!

Thanks, and now, enjoy!

Model Girlfriend 

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