Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Wanna Flick? Topliss Tuesday!

Today is Topless Tuesday, but since I am in the process of catching up with some of the many movies that came out in the past month or so, why not calling it a ...Topliss Tuesday?

Terri Topliss is indeed the star of this, well, Dog Star Productions flick, appropriately called Gingersnap. Terri is one pornstar that is certainly making an impact on the scene. It will be my pleasure to talk more about her endeavours in a very near future, considering what is happening on that Porn*Stars playing deck set of hers, and even her blossoming magazine model career - if you haven't checked out the latest Brit-x magazine yet, you really should. And her blog activities are really something that makes her stand out from the crowd, in my opinion, together with of course, her sexy ginger look.

Now on which tangent should I go off? Talk about Isabelle Cheviot's attention for blogging and proper coverage of her activities, associates, projects? Or rather keep the ginger thing going and get to the title of this flick?

Well, let's show some love for the guy and mention how this movie sees the debut for Dog Star of Terri sure, but also the absolute porn debut for Mike Weiz. They make a good pair on screen!

I can't help but feel that this was a good combination. Isabelle's filming skills shine as always, and the sex is plenty, with picture perfect adjustment of the poses, and varied , hot, beautifully shot hardcore sex. I even saw an animations or two I was not quite familiar with (and that definitely I want to try at home...), and there's some added 'special effect' that only makes the movie stand out even more from Isa's huge production. And just can't get enough of those inspired closeups.

It must not be easy to come out with as many movies as she does, but in every flick I get the feeling Isabelle tries something new; with the movies being so rich in sex content and positions/animations used, sometimes is my concern that eventually she'll experience some burnout (hey no pun intended here...). Still, with so many different people used and with that great appetite she shows for the sexiest angle, the hottest sequence, she shows no signs of fatigue. I truly hope to see many more movies from her, and I am sure you viewers will be surprised every time by she carries you through some hot situation seen by her erotic eye.

Plus yes, I have a thing for gingers, so...this movie definitely worked for me!

Enjoy this movie, after the jump!


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